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  1. Thank you Whirly Fizzle, it solved the problem. I appreciate your help.
  2. Alyona Su, then how do you explain the fact that it wasn't happening before the last update?
  3. With the last update of SL, my mouse is again having the problem of trying to use "object view," and when trying to look around or behind an object, the screen just goes crazy...round and round...and I had this problem once before and it has to be a glitch in the SL software....I checked my mouse operation, no problem there. SL is the only place it does this.....
  4. I have an iMac, mid 2010; I use the SL viewers only; and have never had a problem uploading images until recently. Every time I try, the SL viewer crashes. What's going on with this? Especially since it never happened until VERY recently..? Baraka Boucher
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