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  1. i've been considering joining premium for this reason alone... Do you think its worth it at all? Where would I submit a ticket? I'm still a little knew to this aspect of SL at lest...
  2. No, the card has not expired, it shouldn't until 2013... And hey, there are no silly questions, I feel pretty silly for asking!
  3. I'm not exactly sure what is going on here. I have never had any sort of issue with buying linden before with the card that is in the system. Suddenly about a day ago I started to recieve a error message that says that my order was unable to be processed. In looking into the issue, I saw that there was no limit that I have reached yet (from what I could tell and understand). So, as a fix I removed the card, put it back on about twice now, but to no avail. I even put the card on a alt account for the first time and it still didnt work. I honestly do not understand , so maybe someone can pro
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