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  1. Wow that looks good Arty! @Quistessa Well whenever I ask for something from builders brewery one of many things happen A : They reply but aren't able or willing to help. B : They Reply and point me to a potential helper ((which more than likely is unable to help C : No one responds. D : My comment is drowned out by a sea of unrelated posts that are possibly unrelated to building. E : Get completely ignored. F : Question gets ignored but people jokingly mess around with me. Suffice to say I am not really impressed by builders brewery. Sorry.
  2. I tried asking there and it was dead quiet from 11 am - 7pm est
  3. I want a sorta "Phantom Light" or "Ghostly" Orchestra/Symphony device. And I was hoping it to be sorta adaptable and not limited to a stage. Like maybe a hud to spawn a few ghost musicians for you ((As Maestro)) to conduct music with ((Similiar to an actual sl instrument)). I also have a few songs for you to use to get an idea. The hud should allow the user to choose what ghostly musicians to appear near them like if the song has pipes or strings they can choose which to appear. I hope this makes sense and I really hope you consider this. Again I am willing to pay you in lindens.
  4. I am not as familiar with star wars lore sadly, and the only sci-fi rp sim I am experienced with is ROE but that shut down. RIP you beautiful sim.
  5. I been there and as a furry I feel it is awkward due to the mere fact it is a rp ff7 sim with lots of cartoony furry avatar players. I mean I am a die hard final fantasy fan as any other but it just kills the atmosphere of the dystopian ff7 feel if they allow furries in general...and this is coming from a furry. It just feels wrong man. However if there was another one say an Ivalice or one of the more Fantasy themed versions than the more technological and industrious games then maybe but Midgar isn't that. This is just my opinion.
  6. Midgar is ff7 right? I don't see how furries or anthros are allowed. Edit: Sorry Midgar is a no go, It IS in fact furry friendly but again the vast majority IS furries but not just any furries but cartoony furries and that just ruins the immersion man. Also they seem to lack humans which is really odd for a ff7 rp sim.
  7. I came back into SL after Covid hit anyone know of any furry friendly sims that also has a moderate amount of human players too? I'm tired of the over-abundance of floof and want some variety but so far it's either a sim with nude furries who complain at anyone speaking their opinion about the lack of clothing with their junk hanging around while other sims are mostly "Obey our rules or GTFO" or "No furries allow, PERIOD.". It's getting frustrating, sooo I hope you guys point me to to nice rp sim.
  8. Friend told me something in im after i logged and it worked. Don't ask me what I did but in all it is fixed. Also Panoramic router IS a modem as well. So the fact that I have to use a hybrid MODEM and ROUTER despite me only requiring a modem is beyond my comprehension but thanks guys for your help in the end.
  9. Man, I tried the WHOLE thing in that link. And nothing. It is so strange it became this overnight. Just happened right today and I don't know why. And I fear it is my internet provider's fault. They been trouble ever since they handed me this "panoramic Wifi Router" I only need a modem to directly connect to the internet as I live alone. Ugh....
  10. Soo was I supposed to reset my router? Cause it is still not working, again I doubt it is anything related to router or modem. If it is I don't know how to fix it. I reset my panoramic router, it's wifi is off and is directly connected to my pc. I restarted my computer. I tried firestorm, singularity, that cat one...even secondlife default viewer. Still not loading and unable to take my attachments off. Just finished reinstalling second life and still no good.
  11. Ah I see. Well, give me about 10 seconds to reset my router and I'll announce my status... @Rolig Loon That was not rejecting help, that was being doubtful meaning I was skeptical but was willing to try.
  12. Where did I "Reject Help" please copy past what I said.
  13. Strange as everything seems fine and showing no signs of internet trouble on other games and the like. ONLY secondlife no matter the viewer is being troublesome. @Ethan Paslong I did ask for help and I would appreciate you tone down the snides and hostilities if your quotes are using them. I am merely saying that if the modem/router IS the problem then why doesn't it affect my mmo's or my steam games? @Nalates Urriah Yes they do, and I'm always wearing attachments of two avatars ((due to me trying to swap avatars from two different folders))
  14. Well everyone is rendering properly and roaming around, so cannot be connections. I also found out a select few are having trouble as well. Funny thing is Firestorm are all being used. I'm testing other alternative bento enabled viewers.
  15. So about 7:33 I got on SL, I found myself to be a cloud and not rendering fully. I changed avatars ((via replace outifit)) it did not swap but rather add the prims and the other attachable stuff with my supposed current ones. Now it is currently 8/26/2018 so I am wondering if this happened in the past and if there is an easy fix. If not then please tell me what it might be, sl grid status isn't showing anything.
  16. Soo I have me a couple of concept art of some avian anthros similiar to DnD's Aarakocra: https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/races/aarakocra If your interested in helping me with this project Feel free to IM me for the concept art for reference. You'll have all rights to the avatar to sell as I only want the avatar to play as ((Granted it looks as detailed in the art)) Yours truly, Vella Catronis ^_^
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