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  1. For the past few days I've had Connection Issues with SL I could be doing something, and all of a sudden, my Bandwith drop to 0kbps and I get logged out. Now normally this means I lot internet, but not so. Skype, MSN, Steam are all still fine and dandy. Anyone with any Reasons and/or solutions, would be a big help. [OTHER INFO] Yes, On a Wireless, No I can't get on a Hardline. Only have Wireless in this house. Been on SL with Wireless for almost a year and a half. Never had this issue before.
  2. As above, they Did, But If you are meaning a FULL fledged viewer, where you can do everything, iPhones and iPad's simply do not have the specs to handle Second Life. Now if you do just want to do text basied stuff, Chat IM, Bussiness transactions, Then yes, Pocket Metaverse is you thing. But if your hopeing for a full SL viewer on the Apple stuff, Not going to happen.
  3. Your right they should, but is the Labs. They mess up all the time. So what can ya reallly do about it.
  4. When you hang out with video game nerds all the time, sombody always cracks a meme out and makes us all laugh... Then we beat them with a stick for useing a meme, then we laugh at that.
  5. Every day when I just be my self and encourage my friends... Don't get what the big deal is, its just how I am. :matte-motes-sunglasses-3:
  6. I'm just happy they are making a come back. It makes me instanly treat ANYONE with the "Resident" last name as a noob, so I'm a bit of a jerk to em. This solves THAT character flaw of mine
  7. From what I know, Its becouse the Viewers' arn't codeded to acutally USE the full ability of a computer. So no matter how good or crappy your system is, You still might not get the results you want. Its a grab bag. Untill they actually starte codeing it like a video game instead how they have been, Bad Frame rate will be your bane I'm afraid. This is just my experiance in this matter. Somebody else might have a way for you to get better Frame, but ATM only way is to take the crappy graphics.
  8. Yea. I've been attempting to abandom my Linden home for a few days now, But every time I do, Nothing happens. I can't afforord the monthy Teir, (Yea, I know I'm poor) otherwise I'd just pay the extra five bucks. Help?
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