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  1. As a noob I love the V3, always hate to rely on 3rd party programs to enjoy my time online
  2. Errrrrrrrrr Just a noob here but if you know this is a tool that greifers use, Have you AR'd it ? And is it usefull as a tool to give newbies? Like i say am a noob but makes sense to get this sort of stuff off the grid so we can all have fun.
  3. Oh no, I am a newcomer to second life but found The Next Day in one of my travels exploring this world. And with no exageration, this is one of the sims that convinced me to begin to spend RL $ in here. The ambience that exudes from this build is truly amazing. It will be sorely missed by many, of that I have no doubt. Only today I was there, just seeing what the people wear there so I could go out and buy an outfit so i could wander and meet the sim regulars and fit in. If it is to close i feel it is a loss to the world. Hope in my heart that we do not lose anymore of these wonderful builds that people have poured thier hearts into.
  4. Yes I am using the new viewer you spoke of. When changing to basic mode i cannot access preferences at log in screen or inworld, and yes at log in all i see is mode which allows me to go back to advanced mode, nothing else.
  5. My Favorites are not hidden and is a bit baffling as it was working fine before latest update. Also just testing to see I have noticed something. When i am inworld, my preferences are set correctly in the general tab and the privacy tab to show Favorites at log in. But, when I open preferences from login screen, i notice that the show favorites box is not checked and the 8 center boxes, on privacy tab, from " only friends and groups know i am online" to " add date stamp" are in accessible to me. So I am guessing i am just gonna have to live with it and hope when next version comes out it will correct.
  6. just as an aside Peewee, these are not the most user friendly forums, I am having a hard time trying to respond to this besides the comments, any help would be gratefully accepted.
  7. yes my apologies Home is an option that is shown.
  8. Since the latest V2 update I cannot see my favorite landmarks on the login screen. Checked preferences and made sure the box was checked and logged in and out several times. All I can see is last location or type in region. A little frustrating not to be able to log into a safe place that you know. Help for a noob please LOL.
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