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  1. @ Nova Convair I doubt llsensor is the way too. I will probably use "re-activate everything on first click" and require a second click to get a menu etc @ Dora Gustafson Its number 5, having too many scripts, I am trying to avoid. I guess you are right, I worry too much.
  2. I am looking at general ways to reduce the impact my scripts have on the sim and so I am considering: 1. llSetMemoryLimit; does this have any benefit for the server? It seems that it only effects the memory llGetObjectDetails reports, effectively making your scripts only seem nicer. 2. Using a controller script to set all the object scripts to "not running" and then turning them on again when someone is llSensored. Assuming that the scripts turned off are well behaved and are mostly idle expecting a click here and "message linked" there, would that be better? Presumably the server can swap non running scripts out, so that would be a benefit if the memory is tight for the sim.
  3. In the end I used character 31 string SAFE_SEP = ""; //chr(31) and after a while I ended up using it everywhere, even in trivial situations In SL it prints as very distinct black triangle , which is good for visual inspection The only drawback I can see is that, as above, it will not show at all in notepad, and show as a space in wordpad and in lsl editor. Notepad++ shows it as a "US" (Unit Separator) on black background so that's ok. In all cases, copy and pasting it to-and-fro preserves it (as one would reasonably expect) , so you can copy it from above even though you can't see it. Thank you all for your replies.
  4. Pipe symbol is not safe at all for my purposes. I was thinking something more exotic like ascii char 31 which is nicely named in ascii tables "unit separator", and prints as a small triangle symbol. string SEPARATOR = llBase64ToString(llDeleteSubString(llIntegerToBase64(31),0,3)); Any reason I should NOT use it?
  5. Any recommendations for which character to use as a separator for storing, transporting and retrieving lists with llDumpList2String etc . I will be storing user input so an out of way character is needed, but it does not have to be foolproof; i.e.. the script crashing if someone purposely feeds that character is acceptable A control character perhaps? Any best practices on this subject?
  6. Sephina Frostbite wrote: Why would Lesbian Make a profile adult? It does not . I have listed it under "no effect" words.
  7. Those words or any others do not count neither in "picks" nor (not sure here) in real life tab. Groups seem to have no effect either The motivation behind my investigation was to see what would it take to flag my profile adult , given that both the picks and the groups where very adult oriented, and I did not want anyone, who did not want to, to stumble upon them by mistake. I guess the reverse is useful too. Avoiding for example the word "escort" in a vanilla profile
  8. After looking for information on what makes a profile be flagged adult, and finding very little, I decided to investigate and here are the results. The list is by no means complete. Words that make the profile adult: f**k c**k c**t a**l b***job cl*t fellatio f**ktoy f**ker escort slave bondage bdsm submissive domme stripper masochist pervert hentai xxx sklave fick (German) c*nt (as is with the star in it.) Words that make the profile moderate: tit va***a pe**s piss anus sl*t And words that have no effect: suck c**ksucker sh*t ass bas***d bollocks c*m f*g f***ot lesbian dom dominant rlv master mistress ni***r gag These words only count in the main profile, not in groups,picks, or 1st life tab. The words I "starred" are the words the forum profanity filter would bleep. The methodology I used in case someone wants to pick up where I left is this: Search in people for neutral words like "exploring" filtering in only the adult profiles. Read each profile to see if there is a single candidate word that makes it adult.. Check hypothesis, by searching in people for said word without filter (G, M, A on). If the results are adult profiles only, hypothesis confirmed. Note the search will return profiles that have the word appear as a substring of the name, but they will not be flagged adult because of it. Random thoughts: "Submissive" is adult but "dominant" isn't? "escort" flags the profile adult? I can see the reasoning but still ...
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