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  1. SLuse to say 'anything's possible' so you could be right
  2. i can't get SL to work when i double click the icon. i get the error message and nothing happens. it happens everytime i completely shut my computer off and turn it back on. doesn't happen when i put it on 'sleep' and then log on.
  3. Hello searcher. i'm looking for the same thing, but i'm female.I'm a Lesbian doing the leg work of finding the right one for a family. I may not be your type, but i want you to consider me should you think i may have a chance. Good luck in your search and look to hear from you soon.
  4. I sure would like to improve my avi. I understand that from someone i saw in SL. people are slow to say how or who to go to'for some reason. Some say it may be because it takes too much time.If ican't make my own, someone somewhere, does. Can you point me in the direction I'm looking for. I sure would love the help. Thank you.
  5. recently i have noticed a lot of 'snapshots' being taken. i never see who the person is, and only have the names. i look around to see if i can see them and they are never in sight. i'm concerned because a friend said she heard the sound just before money from her account was withdrawn. now maybe she made a purchase and forgot or made an error, but it wasn't until then that i started noticing it. it really didn't bother me until it happened in my SL home. noone was around. is it just a case of people taking pictures or is there a need to be concerned about someone having access to my info/account? if this sounds like i'm being too cautious, i can understand that, but i'd like to know if it's just me or if there is a real threat out there in SL land.
  6. RyeRyan

    Dollar to Linden

    i want to buy L$ from my debit card. i'm having trouble trasfering USD's because i get direct deposit from my unemployment insurance. can you help me do that? PayPal doesn't seem to work even though i have tried to put money in my account there.
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