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  1. it shows i have land holdings in my account summary. i have premium but downgrading is pending will downgrade april 6th 2011(and how can i stop it i want to be premium still do i just wait and then change it back?) and maybe that effects it but i still cant create a house that goes with my premium account becuase it says my billing is outdated when i try to create one but i just updated it and it shows what card type it is so it should work right. i jjust want to know where it is or how to find out where it is.
  2. i know that i should just as this in something different im not sure but ive been trying to download the newer version of second life vewier 2 but it doesnt restart the second life after i download it and it wont let me log on unless i download the new update
  3. please can anyone help im looking for cheap land with lost of prims to hold lots of things without too much problems.
  4. do you know of any cheap land but has lots of prims to old alot of stuff without too much problems
  5. i am looking for a place that willing to hire a newbie. maybe some clubs or something just so i can earn some money here in seconlife for a house with lots of prims too hold lots of things ya know so if anyone can help please reply as soon as possible.
  6. im looking for a job that hires newbies so i can get a house and clothes etc that you can only buy. so if anyone is hiring please look me up display name LadyKelsey2011 and im me with more info. thanks and please reply as soon as possible.
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