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  1. I just moved in, yesterday, and I get... well... my second house guest. Or third maybe. In any event, what a pleasant surprise! Nice to move into a place that seems to retain a sense of community and spontaneity. I'll have to dig up my old cat things from when I had cats of my own. No mice in this house, I guess.
  2. I stumbled into this article on Forbes about Fortnite's new Party Royale mode, which appears to be a small non-combat social island where live events are starting to occur. The aforementioned article also linked to a previous article in which one line particularly caught my eye. Where else, indeed! The author of the articles also referred to Second Life an ancient internet relic. As Sansar, with its various "experiences", continues it's Atlantean descent to the bottom of the digital ocean, along with the millions of dollars spent on it, and the SL staff talent that sank with it, I can't help but wonder what Ebbe thinks about articles like this. After all, I feel certain that someone was dancing in SL as Psylocke while TIE fighter flew around at least 14 years ago. I wonder what Ebbe's plans are to make Second Life interesting to the real world's glitterati, movers and shakers, and (let's face it) brands with lots of money. Mostly, though, I wonder why there is still an Ebbe at all.
  3. So, I did the smart thing and did a Google search. I found this old page on the MorphVOX Pro website that was still relevant, and my voice is working properly once again.
  4. The only thing I've done outside SL is record my voice in the MorphVOX Pro app, and those recordings do play properly. I did pay for this app.
  5. Been using an external voice morpher called MorphVOX Pro. Generally, it works well. Today, I find that the voice morph isn't working in Second Life. I don't know what changed. Any suggestions?
  6. I'll second that. I have hosted before, but it would be fun to see the latest info in the world of hosting.
  7. We've submitted a ticket. If that doesn't get results, we also considered making our parcel level with the ridge. We're on the same page with that. Thanks.
  8. The ridge occurs exactly on the border line. That ridge you see in the pic IS the border line. I'll put in a ticket. Thanks.
  9. I hope this is the right forum. I was helping a friend terraform their 1024 Mainland parcel. We wanted to have our parcel at the same level as the adjoining parcel. For some reason, at the border, a ridge remained, running down the entire border. Also, there seemed to be an object, completely undetectable, but something that caused us to stand in air, a good two meters above the ridge, as if there were an invisible object there at the border. Wondering what caused this, and if there is a way to get the land at the border between the two parcels to be flat and even. Also, how do you get Linden grass off the Mainland parcel you've purchased?
  10. Why does the Pic of the Day never have a SLurl so you can go and visit yourself?
  11. Oh is that where this was taken? World's End Garden? So very seldom is there a SLurl or any clue to where a pic has been taken. People want to visit these places!
  12. Why is there never a SLurl on these!?
  13. Penny Patton wrote: There are two issues here. First, older residents need to not think of new resident "usernames" as "avatar names". LL has deliberately divorced the two, and that's a good call. The problem as I see it, having gone through the new resident sign up process to see how it differs from previous incarnations, is that Linden Lab does not make a clear distinction to people signing up for the first time. On one hand, they do not let you know that your username will always be visible (having lead to many people using their private e-mail address as their username without the knowledge that this would be visible to all, and they don't do enough to prompt new users into creating a display name. New residents basically choose a username, then get dumped into the grid with that as their display name until they learn to change it on their own. Everything about the new user sign-up and orientation process is poorly thought out and this is no exception. New users should be put through an agressively interactive tutorial/orientation process much like you'd find in a well made videogame. During this usernames should be given the spotlight. As a new resident rezzes for the first time a box should pop up in the middle of their screen prompting them to create a display name. Some examples should be given, driving home that they are choosing a name, not an AOL screenname. Once chosen, they should be shown how to change it and told what limitations there are on this. Oh I couldn't agree more. I complained about this in my own post. And Display Names are their own issue since many people changed their settings so as not to display them, because of issues with them. I really wish I had been more clearly warned that the name I was choosing was going to be a visible first name and not just an account name. And that I was going to have the last name Resident handed to me. I would have made very different choices. It's too late now. I'm invested in this avatar. Maybe someday an alt.
  14. Deltango Vale wrote: Very cool, but there is something confusing that has tricked me on other sites. Username implies a my-eyes-only account name (private) different from an avatar name (public). This made a mess of my first Blue Mars account, for example, where I ended up with an inworld name identical to the quick username I entered on signup. I had to delete the account and go back through the signup process again. Therefore, instead of: "Create a Username" and "You will use your username to login, so don't forget it" The message should be: "Create an Avatar name" and "You will use your avatar name to login, so don't forget it" ETA: I still don't understand why there is only one name space in which everyone must fight for a name. It makes far more sense to have two or even three spaces: forename surname or forename middlename surname. This would greatly increase the number of possible combinations, reducing the 'debbbbie123' problem. This lack of clarity about user (private) name vs avatar (public) name is the gotcha that sticks in my craw. There is still nothing on this new signup page that warns you that the name you choose is not only your account name but also the name by which you will be addressed in world. So if you choose an account name of bananaslug12345, well congratulations, now you're bananaslug12345 Resident and good luck with that.
  15. Irene Muni wrote: Claireschen Hesten wrote: ... i find the most annoying thing about DN's is when unicode/ascii characters are used To9tally agree! I cannot imagine how to chat with a Resident with a name (name???) that I cannot write or speak. And that's the crux of MY problem. During the account setup process there was no warning that the account name was what was really going to serve as the name that most people saw and used to refer to or address a person. I thought the display name would serve that purpose only to slowly discover how wrong I was.
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