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  1. Yeah, the translators work off the web using llHTTPRequest

    For that page, you can format the request URL like




    Values for dialect you could use, going by the form, are: redneck, jive, cockney, fudd, bork, moron, piglatin, hckr, censor

    You can grind thru the returned page text to find <div class='dialectized_text'> and your "translation" will follow right after, up until </div> ... you will want to strip any other HTML inside like <p> stuff.


  2. sasha Highmist wrote:

    What has happened to this program since the last post? I have looked for abandoned land set for sale and havent found any anywhere.

    That was eventually disabled, since the automation was actually making the workload higher. It's still possible to buy the stuff, but depending on circumstances, LL may put it up for auction when you ask, rather than hand it over. Look over here for how it's done now.

  3. This is hacky and not officially supported, but it works --

    Make a second copy of the rigged attachment. Leave the original texture on the first copy, apply a mostly transparent texture with the tattoo to the second.

    If you wear the attachments in that order -- solid first, tattoo second -- you can get what you want.

    Did i mention that this is hacky and not officially supported?

  4. Rufus Darkfold wrote:

    So no pathfinding for us mainlanders, huh?   :catsad:


    It's not so bad. If you have build rights on any parcel on the region, you can rebake. And, you can change pathfinding attributes for your objects, and others you've been gioven rights to mod. So, if it's your slice of mainland, you can still do plenty.

  5. Casandra Kumsung wrote:

    Phone calls are not an option for me. I work during the day and have to deal with kids when I get home. 

    They just pulled another item saying not as advertised. The properties were as advertised and so was the description. Copy only.   So I am at a loss. Once you read the message you get when you log on,  it cannot be looked at again.   Wish it has someone to IM to get the spacifics.   Just wonder is someone is complaining because I sell my stuff for lower than them, and Linden just pulls it without checking.

    I unlisted all my items then relisted the ones I worked on in the last two weeks.  Will now have to go throught all of them and check them and the listing before I list them again.  

    Hi, you can still use the support ticket system even if phone calls don't work for your schedule. "Not as advertised" flagging reasons are currently limited to incorrect image, permissions, or category, with incorrect category probably the most common mistake.

    Items can be hidden if the category is too general, even if it is not totally wrong. For an example hair for men should be under Avatar Accessories>Hair>Men's Hair; it is seen as a listing violation to put it under the higher Avatar Accssories>Hair category. This kind of trouble trips up many people.

    I hope that someone gets to your ticket quickly and you can get it all cleared up without too much trouble.

  6. You can put more than one animation on each line.



    You don't need to use all three lines, for example the smaller animation sets from Kuso only have [stand.1] filled in.

  7. Rival Destiny wrote:

    This is a tool for land owners to use and really has nothing to do with age verification.

    Of course the belief that it does may stem from the one time practice of having to present a CC or other ID to verify age and one of them was that you have payment info (ie a CC) on file. This was how I verified myself when this came into effect - had pmt info on file already so that worked for me.


    Yes, that. It's good to remember that credit card information was also used for verification on the old Teen Second life for 13-18 year olds. Given this, it is doubly odd that LL ever saw a card as a good way to verify 18+!

  8. Mitchell Indigo wrote:

    Could the items disappear if it's eventually found out that I picked the items up before the rollback?

    Not really. The system isn't designed to sort out messes like that automatically, and LL will only go to the bother is something really abusive is going on.

    This quirk in the system doesn't always work out in your favor. If you had rezzed a no copy item during that window and then the sim rolled back, you'd have lost it.

  9. Hi, if you moved last Wednesday, a very large number of regions had to be rolled back to an earlier state. If you picked up your stuff after the point they rolled back to, it will have reappeared in the old location like that.  Also sometimes when regions crash, the same thing happens, because a newer sim state (backup file) wasn't made in time, and an older one is used for the restore.

  10. For Firestorm, first change the grid on the startup screen. Don't try to log in yet. Quit the viewer and relaunch.  Refer to http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_grid_manager if you need confirmation that this matters. When it restarts, double check that the grid really says "Second Life Beta" now. If not, change it agan and repeat the quit/restart dance.

    Next, fill in your login so it looks like this. The region name is GC Test 3, just like we see in the SLurl.


  11. Perrie Juran wrote:

    What I am seeing in my browsers address bar is  secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/GC%20Test%203/128/128/24

    I do hope this works.  I tried using it at "start at" but landed at a welcome area.  Probably isn't live right now.

    Yeah, sorry, I just noticed that you wrote you are using Firestorm. Its login scren is really buggy when you use other grids. Just use the region name for start location on that viewer and keep your fingers crossed ... or use the LL viewer for this test.

  12. Tex Monday wrote:

    On that note though, I'd always thought it would be really cool to have a central bank in SL. A place where people could deposit excess money and get some interest or borrow money to open business or clubs. The problem, I guess, is that how would you be sure the person running the bank wouldn't steal all your money or the person who is borrowing wouldn't default?

    Oh, there were things like banks in SL before, and sure enough, the owners of some of them ran away with the deposits. So, they generally aren't allowed any more. Real world regulated banks would technically still be allowed to come to SL, but i doubt any would want to deal in L$.

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