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  1. The chat notification that says "<Avatar Name> just took a snapshot" does that mean that someone took a snapshot of you specifically or just thtat someone nearby took a snapshot of SOMETHING? Any help clearing this up will be greatly appreciated.
  2. For the past week or so, SL bogs down on where I can't type or walk and animations become very jerky, sound is not effected at all, This occurs roughly every 25 minutes, for 3 minutes. During this time, task manager shows only SL running but the CPU usage is double what it normally is when Sl is running well. The network tab shows no changes at all. So, it is not my internet connection. I have tried everything from doing a system recovery, to defragging, to disk clean up, to running a virus scan. Sl was running great before this started happening. My computer is about 12 months old. I would appreciate any help or advice.
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