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  1. Hi everyone! Just a friendly reminder to stay on the topic of the thread and to refrain from moving off-topic and onto personal insults. Thanks!
  2. Anyone who subscribed to this thread will need to resubscribe since it has been moved.
  3. Hi everyone! Just a friendly reminder to please stay on topic and refrain from personally attacking each other, or flaming. Thanks!
  4. Any residents who have subscribed to this thread will need to resubscribe since it has been moved.
  5. If you can't see it when you highlight invisible Its probably a ghost prim. A sim restart should make it go away.
  6. Anyone who has subscribed to this thread will need to resubscribe since it's been moved.
  7. All residents who have subscribed to this thread will need to resubscribe since this has been moved. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the feedback. We welcome feedback on my.secondlife and LL is considering a forum for web features such as my.secondlife.com. Blocking unwanted followers as a feature makes sense. Thanks!
  9. If you have a question about a post being removed, a warning you've received, a thread you posted that's been removed, or a question about the Community Guidelines, always feel free to PM us (the mods). That's the most appropriate way to ask us questions, and we're always happy to explain or help you. For a faster answer, it's best to send a message directly to the specific mod who warned you, or who notified you. If you didn't get a notification, then feel free to send a message to all of the mods with your question. Hope this helps!
  10. Hi Everyone! Please keep your posts and comments on topic. Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone, just a reminder since this thread has been brought to our attention. Please stay respectful and refrain from insulting each other. We've had to remove some posts from here for this reason. If you can't post to someone or a specific thread without insults or personal attacks, it's best to avoid it, otherwise you risk getting a formal warning or ban against your account. Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone - I've cleaned up this thread and removed all of the harassment and fighting. Please be respectful to other residents when you post. Ganging up on, or insulting other residents for whatever reason (spelling and grammar included) is considered harassment, so please be mindful when you post, and stay on topic. If you see harassment, please report it and refrain from replying and further derailing the thread. Feel free to message me or the other mods with any questions. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, just dropping in to remind everyone to stay on topic. This is not the place to insult or debate about each other's countries. Please keep the topic on Avatar Physics. Thanks!
  14. Please keep the OP in mind when posting on this thread, and try to stay on topic. Also, keep responses civil. We've been receiving complaints about this thread, so please stop with the personal attacks and commentary or warnings will be issued and the thread will be locked. Thanks!
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