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  1. See above. I've searched through the database of answers, knowledge, support, forum, etc. and nothing I've found and tried has helped. Cleared cache, increased draw distance, rebaked textures, nothing. EDIT : I followed the link you provided, and while some of what it suggested did not apply to me as I am not using a Phoenix viewer, but using Second Life 3.7.24 (297623), I tried everything that I could. No help, I'm afraid.
  2. That did the trick! Thank you very much!
  3. Whenever I log in, all I see are spikes of colors jutting randomly this way and that from the center of the screen. They kinda swirl around, changing colors and blocking everything in the world. I am running Windows XP with plenty of RAM and processor power compared to the system requirements, but with it doing this, it slows even my computer down. At first, I was logged in using the Viewer 2, and it was suggested that I try Snowglobe. Both of these viewers did the exact same thing. I could read the chat as it was overlayed on top of the world screen, and no one else seemed to have this proble
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