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  1. It was mainland, got it from Linden it was my parcel from having Premium account. I just checked there was never a membership lapse. Although I did figure out by looking at my history that the annual cost went up from $72 to $99 last year. : ( I opened a support case and they say they can't figure out what happened. Their records only go back to Feb 2019... seems weird not to keep all the land ownership records at least. I think what happened is when they went to this give everyone a Linden House thing happened they moved my ownership from that property I had to the Linden House spot
  2. I have not logged in for quite a while, but I have been a Premium Member all along and have never lapsed. I logged in today and went "Home" with my Home button and there was someone else's house and land said owned by someone else! WTF?
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