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  1. It's real nice that the dude who had Pepita (I'm assuming that it was him) deleted my post and my partner's post in this thread. He did us a favor - would have been nice to get furniture back but now we have an even better bedroom set than we had before and the other items thankfully all but one were copy items since I found other copies in my inventory. Also would have been the ethical thing for him to notify everyone and give people at least a chance to retrieve furniture items - no ethical business person would skip out like he and his real life wife did.
  2. I know it's been a month and a half since the last post; but, I have been searching through the forums regarding mesh and stumbled upon this thread. I have to mostly agree with the OP about mesh - I can't say I absolutely hate it; but, I can say I do not like it for the most part and I sure do not want to be a clone of 1/6 the SL female population. I don't do big boobs - so I could care less about the Tango and Lolos (or whatever they're called). I like a bit of jiggle I have for my smallish boobs and smallish behind. I've been popping around SL for the past week after taking a long break from here due to personal issues. I've grabbed a lot of hunt items, a lot of demos, and some freebies. I've tried on so much mesh it's making my head swim. At least 50 percent of it is crap IMHO - it reminds me of the glued on clothes and hair of IMVU which is a move backward technologically for SL in my view. I see the merits of using mesh for some things; however, I dropped out of about 3 or 4 groups as all they do is mesh and their mesh stinks big time. Their flexi stuff was fantastic - thankfully I've got quite a bit of their stuff left over in my inventory. I like hair that moves and doesn't look like it's glued down with Super Glue and men's hair gunk from the 1950's like the mesh hair looks (most of it that I've tried). Also, the dresses - I want the nice flowing clothing like in real life that looks so sexy when walking - I feel like my avi when dressed in mesh looks like a cloned Barbie doll that can walk and fly. Heck, even back in the early 1960's, my Barbie dolls had beautiful flowing clothing items (some even homemade by my grandma). But to each their own - some love mesh, some hate mesh, and still more are in between the love/hate paradigm.
  3. I agree with you. I have a fairly high end PC with a high def monitor and I can tell you - seeing people with face and body lights make me shudder, get sick at my stomach, and try to get away from them ASAP. Using Windlight (or any other settings) is a million times better than even the most subtle of facelights to highlight a person's avi and make the avi look great. Facelights and bodylights are so 2008 for me (that's when I joined SL) - I dumped them sometime in 2009 or 2010 and have never looked back. When I'm in stores that are highly lit like they've got facelights/bodylights in the store, I shun those stores - I hate anything that's bright and glares (not just in SL either - in RL as well as other virtual worlds).
  4. Same thing with me and my partner - we tried to go there on Tuesday (to our skybox) and found out that we were locked out also - we had no copy furniture in there that was expensive so that's all lost I guess. I've sent a notecard but haven't received a reply - tried to send an email to the email but it appears that email no longer works.
  5. Thanks Corann. Your very last sentence says it all: So no matter how you slice the pie we are all customers in one way or another.
  6. You're welcome Alysandra. It is such a pain to have to do everything you've done in order to ditch this dude; but, sometimes we have to take multiple tacks in order to get rid of jerks who want to stalk and harass. I know all too well what you've had to deal with. Fortunately, when all of this was happening with my friend and I, I was the one who had triple security on my PC so they couldn't get into much of anything important on my PC before my IP shut them down. I wish I would have had my old laptop working at that time as the stalkers/harassers would have been automatically reported to Toshiba and Toshiba would have taken care of them. I bought my Toshiba from my brother-in-law. The company he worked for as an insurance agent had special security added to the specially manufactured laptops for agents only due to the security needed in the insurance business; and, that security stayed with the computer when he sold it to me and I registered the computer in my name. Hope Best Buy or Office Depot (I use Best Buy's Geek Squad since nearby Office Depots do not have qualified techs to assist) gets rid of whatever you couldn't get rid of. The best of luck to you.
  7. @ Lilie Foxtrot: I've heard about that but have never searched for them. I know the thing that finally got our stalkers off our back was this: On the other site, I used a room of mine and started rambling on and on to no one but myself about what I'd do to get back at the stalkers (I said stuff about getting a person I knew to hack their computers, plant viruses, and destroy their real lives with all the hacker I knew of could do to them). I did all of that due to the fact that one of the stalkers had a friend whose husband was staff at the other site and we knew that my friend and I were being spied on by staff for all of our conversations, whether we were with each other, by ourselves, or with other people in chats. That finally fixed the stalkers' butts!
  8. Excuse me - anyone who pays anything in the way of rent, tiers, purchasing Lindens, uploading textures, and so on do contribute to the bottom line of LL. Premium should not automatically give better "customer service." Yes, it's customer service - anytime a business is in business, the service it provides in dealing with problems associated with things like billing, products, defective items, safety, security, and so on is called "customer service." Even people who work for a non-profit charity in real life provide "customer service" when answering their clients' questions, trying to help their clients in any way, providing information, and so on. Sorry, but I'm from the era that expects customer service with a smile - not something that is to be paid extra for - and not something that is performed as if the person is doing the customer a big favor. Back On Topic: Stalkers should be dealt with by LL if the person being stalked has tried everything they can from their end! It should not matter whether or not they are a premium account holder. Second Life and other sites are dropping the ball if they do not protect residents/customers/account holders/whatever else you want to call their "customers."
  9. @Corann - There is so little a person can do about anything relating to Second Life problems unless having a premium account. This is totally wrong. Just because people don't want to or can't pay monthly fees does not mean that their problems should be swept under the rug - but that is exactly what SL/LL does. Those of us who do not have premium accounts have to rely on the goodness of other community members as well as taking matters into our own hands when necessary in order to solve problems. This is becoming the way of many online sites - no way to contact customer service directly, only premium/VIP/etc. accounts get any kind of action on complaints/help tickets, and so on. I'm seeing this happening on another site and it's disgusting that these companies will not do anything for their customers (some people might consider getting those premium/VIP/etc. accounts until they see that they are the only privileged ones getting any kind of customer service help). I would also suggest that the OP try to log in from a totally different computer in a totally different area of town so that it's not the possibility of a shared/rotated IP address that would end up being the same as she already has. Then see if the person can track. If they can't, then the OP's computer has been compromised. If none of the suggestions of using anti-virus applications to scan the computer works, if there is a nearby Best Buy, take the PC in to the Geek Squad and have them run their scan - they use a professional scan that can find anything and everything and they can fix the problems/delete/remove the virus/hack codes/keylogger/whatever.
  10. I've got a question for the OP - do you live in the same place as you always have with your old and new accounts? Also, does your friend use your place as a landing point or as home? The reason I ask is that my friend and I found out that a place we had previously lived in had some kind of a device buried below and so deep that even the sim owner couldn't find it - the device was placed as a griefing object that caused 100% failing to TP - even from inside the house to outside the house. We checked every object inside the house and found nothing. A friend of mine happens to know scripters and asked them to take a look and they found the object - it took them a while to find it tho as it was buried so deep under the sim. Also, my main thought is that your stalker/harrasser has somehow hacked into your PC and has planted, as someone else suggested, a keylogger. In addition to the other scans others have mentioned, use Trend Micro Online Scan to see if there's anything it finds. I started out using their online free scans for my laptop and Trend would find things that all other anti-virus scans could not find. When I bought my PC, I specifically chose Trend Micro - it has more layers deep it scans and protects than other anti-virus applications. Good luck in resuming your Second Life - it's a major PITA when having to deal with stalkers/harassers. I know, I have dealt with them to the point of it almost destroying my sanity - it involved myself and a very dear friend of mine - on another site as well as SL. They even planted a virus on my friend's PC and had that friend not taken immediate action, it would have fried his PC as well as mine as we are in contact with each other at least 3 or 4 times a day every day by various means. It boiled down to a female who was PO'd that he wanted nothing to do with her but remained my special someone on the other site and my SL partner. Some people are just spiteful and hateful to others and get their enjoys by harassing/stalking others just for $hits and giggles. Also, if you do join groups, hide them in your profile. That way the stalkers/harassers don't know of any new groups you might join. Of course, there are probably other ways to find out what groups people are in, but it takes more time and perserverence to find those ways.
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