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    Not sure if I am reading that correctly, but in the past I simply needed to prove that I was the owner by providing some last and first names of some of my friends (IGNs). Alternatively, I believe that your friend could call Linden Labs and give them information linked to the account for proof of identity.
  2. I would say that it depends on how you utilize SL. You can do anything from running a business-socializing and anything in between. This platform transcends all boundaries of the physical world, as mentioned before, and I believe that is where the real magic lies. In the end, I suppose it would depend on how emotionaly, financially, or mentally invested you are.
  3. I think that a better option for the creators would be to provide two versions. One with HUD included and a variety pack with the appropriate names. Most of the time, creators like to keep their items No-mod but this preference varies depending on who you are talking to.
  4. I want to say that would be in the scripting department. I remember working with someone's script a few years back and it allowed you to communicate with it on a different wavelength (ex. /110 Hello). I am pretty sure that there would be a simpler way that involves editing the source script and settting access for certain floors. In the end, it will depend on how your apartment is set up. I am imagining a buzz call system that makes each of the buttons a personal TP for the tenant associated with it. I would help you out with the script itself, but I am not experienced at all with the actual c
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