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  1. Here's to those who were looking for where to get these clothes... I followed the link of the photograher, who referenced the article about the clothing. The article gives the location of the clothing.... http://nerdfinds.blogspot.nl/2012/06/every-girls-crazy-bout-sharp-dressed.html
  2. Congratulations on these significant upgrades and fixes! We'll be crossing our fingers as well, that they work
  3. Congratulations Rod! We welcome you with open arms, and look forward to what you can bring to Second Life. It will be an exciting year indeed. "Sen"
  4. Set Up an Adult Filter Option for Profiles As you well know, there are a lot of profiles that fall under the porn category, which can easily be found in the people search by the underage residents, this option may solve that issue. Allow the residents with adult content in their profiles to check a box that states that their profile has adult content in it. By doing this, underage residents will not be able to see a mature content profile, or perhaps certain areas of the profile are filtered out, appearing blank or with a warning. This could also work for other residents who wish not to
  5. Great news over all. I support the XMPP move, it opens up other options, that I too would like to see you consider, perhaps you already are. As for the increase in groups, my initial response was "Yay!" -- but then came the "but" and "rollback" comment. I would agree with Bryon Ruxton, perhaps consider increasing by smaller increments, testing out the system first, because once you move to 40 groups, and then per chance find there are significant issues, then telling people they need to dump 15 groups will create a huge outcry, and bitterness to many. I think it would better to avoid that,
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