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  1. You can create a prim, make the script be what you want your default script to be, name the script and prim as you want,  then take the object back into your inventory, putting it a folder with a name like "Prims for scripting". Then when you want to create a prim with a script in it, drag the desired prim from your inventory onto the ground. You can do this for prims of each type, box, cylinder, torus, etc., as well as prims with any special shapes, textures, etc. you want to create easily.

  2. Can you copy the info about your system from Help About Second Life and paste it here?

    Have you done a "Detach All" to remove all attachments?

    Do you get an error message when you are "kicked off with a crash"? If so, what is the exact text of the error message?

    Exactly what version of video driver are you using?  Did you update from Microsoft or did you got to the ATI site to get the updated driver?

    What anti-malware software are you using?

    Have you been successfully using SL on the pentium 4 computer with the x300 for months? If so, with what viewer?

    Next time you buy a computer you might want to ask for advice on what to buy from the SL user community before buying it.

    Basically, no one should be buying any systems with AGP cards now.  They are long obsolete.

    What firewall do you use?

    Do you have windows set on automatic update?

    Have you got your ports properly opened?

    Have you checked that your fans are clean and spinning freely?

    What all viewers do you currently have installed?

    Do you have the cache folders shared by different viewers?

    Have you tried deleting your settings.xml file(s)?

  3. One way to find out things about Second Life is to go to the Knowledge Base and do a search.

    The Knowledge Base can be found at http://secondlife.com/kb.

    Going to the Knowledge Base and searching for "Preferences" gives as the first result a link to an article titled "Prefences Window Guide", which has a detailed look at the Preferences dialog, with nice images of the various tabs and explanations of each item.

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