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  1. I DONT SELL any shirts !! I never asked for money. be careful with what you saying !
  2. I totally agree !! We would buy a homestead sim right tomorrow if we would not be forced to buy a full region first ..... they really should change this
  3. yes, we asked LindenLab , they want help us getting our staff
  4. If someone post here in german cuz he/she can not talk english then i reply in their language, thats kinda friendly move of me and it´s not rude to say people close their eyes ...it´s fact !
  5. the stuff is still all there, i got nothing back yet..... sim is just closed
  6. i agree with you, i notice that some issues of Lindenlab are not welcome to make it public, cuz than people see there is something wrong with the rules and terms. i have the feeling people shall not notice about such situation and want it nicely sweep under the carpet.......
  7. half sim is not an option for us .
  8. i live on the sim almost 3 years , i would have noticed thing about a griever ....also the sim performs very well, i dont see any reason to come sneaky and close the sim without saying me a word. for my opinion its really rude and cheating .
  9. we would like to buy the sim, but 1. we cant reach the landlord 2. you have to buy a full sim first and thats a no go for us .
  10. Dem stimme ich dir voll und ganz zu. Es darf nicht sein , dass Besitzer machen können was sie wollen, somit unterstützt Lindenlab bewusst oder unbewusst erhebliche Betrügerein, und macht es sich mega einfach zu sagen , nope....da halten wir uns raus, die sim is ja nicht von uns.......
  11. we would like buy our own homestead sim but u have to buy a full sim before , and that is a thing we cant go with .
  12. i sent 10 messages to him, he dont respond, griever were not there cuz i live on this sim. he just came by nite and closed the sim.
  13. Cindy i am the owner/renter of Devin. I built and paid much money for Devin. Sim is not offline. It was the landlord who simply closed the access for all and also for us whats our home.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=472083906485006&id=100010502022926
  15. https://akatandamouse.wordpress.com/2017/01/30/african-beauty-at-devin/
  16. http://aview.tv/the-adventures-of-goat-visiting-devin-i-in-second-life_9bede17df.html
  17. http://the.teleporter.sl-lifestyle.eu/2017/04/23/devin/
  18. https://atlans-pixelwelt.blogspot.de/2018/05/hope-for-devin.html
  19. http://echtvirtuell.blogspot.de/2017/01/simtipp-devin-2.html
  20. WE WANT DEVIN BACK Just because an idiot maybe did not pay the tier we gave him every week 6600 ld maybe he did closed the sim we dont know it..... No word.....no explaining.....nothing.....SIM closed Suddenly and unexpected we could not get on our sim from one minute of other. The landlord just closed the sim without saying a word! PLEASE LINDEN TEAM - take a look at devin especially at Devin 2 up in sky ( 3000m)....this palce should not die. DEVIN has the most likes in your destination guide - 135 !!! : https://secondlife.com/destination/devin-1-2 Here some wonderful videos : PLEASE LINDEN TEAM - take a look at my facebook post and see all the people who are sad with us and want protect our land.... My facebook is full of love and support for Devin : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009149758716 We ask you to take this sim over, and promote us in continuing this sim which i build for all residents to enjoy........ PLEASE LINDEN TEAM - i know you do sometimes to rescue amazing places Thank you from me, my co owners Ally Daysleeper and Alienmaus Allen and all the people who supports us in this sad situation Roy Mildor
  21. ich wollte geld umtauschen in euro und bekam dann so ein dokumant das ich ausfuellen sool mit meine rl daten wie name adresse unw. ich habe dene geschrieben dass ich das nicht wollte und sie sollen mein geld aufs sl konto zurueck schicken. nun heute bekam ich diese mail : Wenn ich nicht bis zum 3.12 das dokument ausfuelle wird mein konto AUF EIS GELEGT !!! inklusive mein geld von 560 us dollar ... das nenn ich mal erpressung !!! woow..... ich dachte ich krieg das geld nach 30 tagen zurueck....aber meine sl account auf eis legen wenn ich nicht gehorche.....hey das is ne frechheit !!! was kann ich tun ?
  22. i installed the sl viewer but theres no chat bar at the buttom ....only a window i can open and type in chat ?? CHARLOTTE : i find the chat window but it really sucks to have that all the time open !!! i mean there must be a bar at the buttom like in phoenix viewer ???
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