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  1. Beautiful water parcel on the mainland. Surrounded by Lindon seas and sailable waters. Perfect for someone looking for unobstructed views and privacy. If it's been awhile since you thought owning on mainland it's time to give it another look. Lindon Labs since the advent of adult rated sims has taken back all abandoned water parcels, never to be sold again. Making the sim less laggy and more wht it was meant to be...a land mass surrounded by water. This parcel is the worth the asking price as you have direct access to lindon sea on one side and open lindon waters in the back..all the way to the mainland. 1408 meters, 322 prims for 199k. Orellian/(73,236,1
  2. These are privates rooms with sex/cuddle rugs. You have full access to the rest of the parcel which includes media/party area with club lighting if you want it, rooftop deck with fully animated rug. Over 400 different animations. This parcel is surrounded by Lindon sailable waters on 3 sides. Beautiful views and jetskis or luxury yacht available for tenants use. Radio with multiple stations in each unit.Only 200L per week with 10 personal prims use. These wont last long. Come check it out and get yours. Castaway
  3. I am proud to present a new concept in housing. Private room rental furnished with 200+ animations. Nicely textured skybox with privacy. You are surrounded by Lindon waters on 3 sides for your sailing, jet skiing enjoyment. Luxury boat available for residents on request. All residents have full use of the public areas on the parcel. These include an overlook area, dancing/party area with club lighting.. audio.video streams and a rooftop deck with cuddle/romance rug with over 300 animations including dancing, cuddling, bar, massage, romance and sex! The use of these areas are for residents and their guests only. This is a private parcel and is not a place to come for free sex. It is open to the public only when skyboxes are available for rental and only for viewing those skyboxes that are available before deciding to rent. If there are no rental boxes out in the landing point area there are no more skyboxes to rent. Rent is 200L per week and includes 10 prims for personal use. Failure to renew your rent may result in loss of your skybox. Any questions should be directed to dizzle Okelly. Thanks for your interestin renting here and welcome to Castaway Island resort life!
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