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  1. finally getting to the bento qavimator Molly, thank you so much... but do i need to put a 1 on every single part? will you be making the female one soon? I sure hope so... I work in Qavimator and Poser, so really do not want to switch to another program ....after so many years . I will be waiting for your reply.. tyvm
  2. hi i need the skeleton figure for poser please melonieromano@gmail.com
  3. Dont understand why a very expensive program like Poser Pro cannot work making Bento animations? Why cant someone make the bento skeleton for Poser or Qavimator? Ive been making animations for over ten years in SL, and I feel like I was squeezed out from doing this. Any suggestions are very much appreciated. ty melonieromano@gmail.com
  4. So Im still here trying to figure out how to do bento animations in Poser Pro. Been doing animations for ten years in SL... Can someone let me know if the sl skeleton bones figure is rigged properly for poser so i can download it and start working able to move fingers and facial expressions? Is there any youtube videos? Ive been searching for months. Im always the last, but i never give up. melonieromano@gmail.com
  5. I am also using Poser, has there been any update as to how I can do bento and movement of fingers? Did anyone make that script? Id be willing to pay for it. ty
  6. I use poser pro for making my animations, what figure can i use for bento and to learn how to do movements for fingers?
  7. I use poser for animating also. Would like more info to do bento ty
  8. I may be interested... can you send me info inworld ty. I also make animations , could help.
  9. Ty Optimo...Will try it over the weekend and appreciate your help ... will let you know how it goes. ? I did get the motion capture working in poser finally, I learn on my own so just takes me a bit longer. But I don’t give up. Only trouble the kinetic camera doesn’t pic up the movements all too good. And the switch from power figure to sl figure distorts the movement. Nothing can be easy lol ?
  10. Yes I too am an animator in second life for over 8 years using Poser. It’s very unfair I cannot do any bento facial or hand movements due to the file format only for blender or maya. What about qavimator, poser and all of us that use these programs? Seems very very unfair. Help anyone? Do not want to switch programs at this time after learning Poser.
  11. I am an animator and use Poser Pro and Qavimator for making animations. Will the new skeleton be usable in my program?
  12. Razmataz Animations will be at SL13B Celebration starting June 16th! Please come visit my exhibit and enjoy... Just need to search my name, Melonie Romano, and click on my pics for a limo there.... Thanks SL for allowing me to create animations and share with others to enjoy their Second Life fully .
  13. I am trying to figure out what i need to download in order to try making animation with new Bento skeleton bones. I see there is a few different skeletons... Maya and bento_randomize_bones_and_attachments.anim Can someone please advise what i need to use for Qavimator or Poser? thanks
  14. I wanted to download the new bento skeleton for trial of animations for hands, can someone tell me for use in Poser, which one i need to download? Is it the Maya skeleton i use or the bento_randomize_bones_and_attachments.anim Im not exactly sure how to incorportate this to use.
  15. Looking for a scripter that would want to edit a hugger script that would use two animations. Also, to create a couples HUD, that would ask permission to animate another avatar. Please write here or send notecard to Melonie Romano with day and time we can meet and discuss this , thanks.
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