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  1. Yes, I do think that's the case. I haven't been a heavy user in 7 or 8 years so I think when I have visited more recently, I assumed they were sculpted prims. Now I understand why the guides are out of date! Thanks everyone! I will use meshes instead!
  2. Hmm. I’ll have to look into meshes. I don’t believe I’ve heard of them before. I started playing 11 years ago but took a couple years off. Are they new?
  3. I’m just wondering why you had to be a jerk rather than just helping someone out? That information is not on the main page for it. The only link provided doesn’t work. If you knew that was there, you could have been helpful but you decided to a jerk instead.
  4. Thank you for you your useless response. As I stated, the link to the plugin on the wiki is broken. The wiki is useless without the plugin. Your need to make useless posts is truly disgusting. I’m assuming that “Advisor” title is based on the number of (probably useless) posts you have made and not on giving any actual assistance.
  5. Hello! I'm trying to get back into making sculpted prims, but I don't have the Wings3D plugin anymore and the link in the wiki does not work. PK Pounce Works seems to no longer exist. Where else can I get the plug-in? Thanks!
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