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  1. So, what I ended up doing was leaving the keywords text field completely blank, left the title out of the extended description, and just copy and pasted the title of the exact same item from someone who already had it listed and voila, it finally activated. I cannot see any difference in the title of the other persons item and mine whatsoever. The items that no one had listed already, I put back into my inv, deleted the MP listing I had created, and then put them back into MP (creating new listing numbers) and also left the title out of the description and the keyword field blank, and they we
  2. SG Yultano Top LARA - Tawny COMMON I’m a reseller of various no-copy gacha items sets and exclusives. I’m not the creator and cannot refund or redeliver lost items. No empty boxes!! I only resell my extras so you will NEVER receive an empty box or opened item! If you have an issue with this product please contact the original creator (edit the item and you'll find their name). Item will be delivered straight to received items.
  3. I need help please! Is there a printed list of banned words somewhere?? I have literally taken out ALL the words in the keywords field, it's COMPLETELY empty and it STILL won't let me list the item. I don't know which words I'm using that are banned but there are other listings of the same products listed already on MP (gacha items), so how did they get to list their items and it won't let me list mine??!!
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