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  1. Hi, same issue for me, running on Windows8 Edit : I tryed the dev version 3.4.6 and have the same issue
  2. Hi Oskar, thank for this anwer. I really hope to see this feature back soon
  3. "releasing dangerously exploitable code onto the grid" .. LLabs will never be able to prevent grieffing. A grieffer can work around a new feature in Aditi, not talk about it, and wait that this feature has been deployed in Agni. It would be nice if I could, as a region owner, go in "Region/Domaine" => "Version" and select the previous one (12.05.??????) and continue to work with thoses features in my region But I will survive, I have many other things to work on, hopefully
  4. Hi, a question : When will you re-enable Experience Tools in Magnum regions ? I was working with thoses news features
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