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  1. Only one person actually cared to explain this to me already and clear up my assumption. Your comment is not at all helpful.
  2. Haha! Covering all your bases. Thank you kindly for the new tip. :3
  3. It won’t stop them. But it would at least deter them from copybotting the demo since it will be an incomplete mesh. *shrugs*. I know someone will still copybot a full version, but at least it won’t be as convenient as just getting the demo? XD
  4. Thank you for the clarification. They were not specific as to what would be potentially wrong with my demo so I really appreciate your comment a lot. Even if a creator has a demo texture on their product, copybotters can still get the whole mesh. But you’ve shown me the idea to actually upload a demo mesh that is completely missing vertices and faces. Thank you very much!
  5. “if your demo items are so easely turned to full items by a botter you need to change your demo” My demo item permissions are not the problem as they are always set to NO mod, No Transfer. I’ll be ignoring your presumptuous responses from now on. Thanks for trying though.
  6. A known copybotter is still alive and kicking on SL after myself and quite a few other creators have reported them (multiple times) over the course of at least these past 3 years. How I know the thief is still around? Just yesterday, the copybotter “bought” one of my demo items (free) on the market and theres no doubt in my mind that they’re going to copybot it too. Why is that account not banned yet? And why is copybotting even still a thing in 2019? Is LL’s code for SL never going to be copybot-proof?? (I’m not just guessing or accusing they are a copybotter too. This person freely gives out full-perms versions of all the items they copy and it says the creator is them, not the actual, real creator of the items. And a lot of this stuff is REALLY unique and obvious copies for example: a gesture using an animation made specifically for the Equestria’s Pride pony avatar, and rare gacha items that are no longer for sale all saying that the copybotter is the creator.) I’m not naming names for the sake of not breeching LL’s privacy policy... Why doesn’t LL care about copybotting still?
  7. Was having the same problem with attempting to donate the bonus 512 to my group. Glad the workaround for updating it is as simple as hitting the "Save Changes" button on the Land Use Fees tab for now. Thanks!
  8. @MacmashPotato People on sim do know this mysterious donor (me and Baiku both) we just happened to be asleep 5 hours ago and not available to confirm. The donor is a bit of an oddball and has done the same thing (donating to 2 places I personally used to admin and then being annoying as all hell and asking for a ban.) I can’t provide any proof to this but I trust his money isn’t fraudulent because I am personally aware of one of this person’s sources of income. So... this isn’t an issue worth worrying other residents over and I can discuss more details of this specific mysterious donor person further with you and the rest of sim staff in our Discord security staff channel. Thanks!
  9. Sorry to necro an old post, but THANK YOU Reterik for the tip about ad blocker. I couldn't figure out for the life of me why my marketplace ads were not showing up on my newest listings, so I disabled ad blocker and BAM, images loaded.
  10. You are a lifesaver! Yes, simply adding llVecNorm fixed everything. Thank you thank you thank yooooouuu!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
  11. Thanks for the reply. I have not factored in the avatar's mass anywhere in this script so the Up/Down was working as I intended. But that's probably because the avatar I am scripting this for is the Equestria's Pride pony avatar. I've switched from using llApplyImpulse (using negative impulse to slow down the avatar) to llPushObject since a friend pointed out that push works in a HUD attachment on No Push land. I'm still having similar issues where holding combined Control keys are giving me undesired affects, but I'm determined to figure it out! Thanks again!
  12. Hi, I'm an intermediate scripter so please bear with me! I am attempting to script a HUD that slows down the avatar's flight speed. I've purchased many others on the marketplace that work extremely well and I, for the life of me, can't figure out how they coded the controls to feel so smooth. Here's my snippet of code in the control handle: vector impulse = ZERO_VECTOR; if (level & CONTROL_FWD){impulse.x += -1.3;} if (level & CONTROL_BACK){impulse.x += 1.3;} if (level & CONTROL_LEFT){impulse.y += -1.3;} if (level & CONTROL_RIGHT){impulse.y += 1.3;} if (level & CONTROL_UP){impulse.z += -1.3;} if (level & CONTROL_DOWN){impulse.z += 1.3;} llApplyImpulse(impulse, 1); The problems: When I press & hold any control key by itself, for example FORWARD (W), the ApplyImpulse appears to work as I want it to (the avatar moves forward slowly as intended). But when I hold both FORWARD (W) and UP (E) together, the ApplyImpulse seems to push the avatar in the opposite direction. And even when holding FORWARD by itself, the avatar doesn't seem to face the right direction as if it is slightly pointing off to the left or right. Is this the best method to achieve slowed flight speed? Or is there a better way to do this?
  13. Please pardon my noobness, but I've Googled and searched all over for the answer to this and can't find anything. Does CHANGED_FULLBRIGHT exist? I've scripted my object to reset the script when the user manually changes it's color and texture but is there any way to trigger the llResetScript function if a user only chooses to check/uncheck the Full Bright option? Here's my code for the changed state. Simple and straightforward: changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_COLOR | CHANGED_TEXTURE) { llResetScript(); } }
  14. Sharply Dressed Man. And as for my favorite physical feature... It's a tossup between arms and upper back. And specifically about the arms: I don't dig the big bicep-body builder type, I'm more concerned about forearms and whether or not they are proportional to their hand and bicep. *shrugs* Don't get me wrong, I don't look for a dude with big forearms. I just like proportional dudes. Hahah. Err... Maybe I've just played too much World of Warcraft. LOL
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