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  1. Thanks a lot for your help! This is good info to have for future uses. 🙂
  2. @Fritigern Gothly The notecard with the supplied UUIDs will be editable by the end user and that's where the script is pulling the list of UUID's from. And the user who is entering the UUIDs will already know which is a Group and which is an Avatar, so I could just leave it up to the user to enter Group UUIDs under a separate flag in the notecard than the Avatar UUIDs. XD
  3. Ooh! I feel silly for not thinking of this beforehand! Thanks!
  4. Ah ok thank you, Fritigern. I'll give llRequestAgentData() a try. 🙂
  5. I'd like to use the URI name space to print a list of individual Avatar and Group profile links to chat from a notecard of supplied UUIDs (up to at least 20 individual UUIDs with the possibility of more), but I'm having trouble figuring out how to test if a UUID is an Avatar or if it is a Group. Below is the simplest general idea of what I need. (I've already got the dataserver event figured out so it reads the notecard lines and puts them in a list. if (UUID == isAgent) llOwnerSay("secondlife:///app/agent/" + (string)UUID + "/about"); else llOwnerSay("secondlife:///app/group/" + (string)UUID + "/about"); I tried using something like the code below but the errors said that the HTTPRequests were "too fast" and failed. I also attempted looping through the data within the dataserver event but I'm still too noob to understand what I am doing wrong. XD integer x; // Where x = the number of lines that contain UUIDs in the notecard that was read. for ( ; x < count; ++x) { key agent_request = llHTTPRequest( "http://world.secondlife.com/resident/" + llList2String(UUIDs, x),[HTTP_METHOD,"GET"],""); -OR- key agent_request = llRequestDisplayName(llList2String(UUIDs, x)); } http_response(key req,integer stat, list meta, string body) {if (req == agent_request) [do the things] isAgent = TRUE; dataserver(key req, string data) { if (req == agent_request) iSAgent = data; return;} // ??? Is there a more efficient/effective way to determine if a UUID is a Group vs. an Avatar? I know I'm leaving out a lot of code but I can provide more details if needed. Thank you in advance for any help pointing me in the right direction!
  6. But does anyone ever ask “How is Bellisseria Slenderman?”
  7. Went for a drive and tried to pick up this hooker. I don't think she was on the clock cuz she didn't seem to wanna come with me.
  8. I honestly don't know who I'd be more afraid of... 😱
  9. White hair + teal top = best aesthetic. But I'm probably biased. XD Gorgeous windlight (and avatar 😍) in this pic. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Had the pleasure of joining Gem Parker (gem.oxygen) for her fun and informative "Fish n Chips Tour" over Bellisserria today. More information about the TOur here: https://sites.google.com/view/fish-n-chips-tours/home And more pics (15 more) in the full album on Flickr here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmMf2m6d
  11. My favorite lioness friend, whom I introduced to Second Life over 5 years ago, had never seen any of the railways of SL. (Something I majorly regret to have not shown her sooner!) So when I showed her a couple regions in Belliseria, she noticed the tracks. I told her about how you can rez your own train and she immediately went and bought herself one on the marketplace. 😊 We had a fun little ride!
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