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  1. I honestly don't know who I'd be more afraid of... 😱
  2. White hair + teal top = best aesthetic. But I'm probably biased. XD Gorgeous windlight (and avatar 😍) in this pic. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Had the pleasure of joining Gem Parker (gem.oxygen) for her fun and informative "Fish n Chips Tour" over Bellisserria today. More information about the TOur here: https://sites.google.com/view/fish-n-chips-tours/home And more pics (15 more) in the full album on Flickr here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmMf2m6d
  4. My favorite lioness friend, whom I introduced to Second Life over 5 years ago, had never seen any of the railways of SL. (Something I majorly regret to have not shown her sooner!) So when I showed her a couple regions in Belliseria, she noticed the tracks. I told her about how you can rez your own train and she immediately went and bought herself one on the marketplace. 😊 We had a fun little ride!
  5. Slenderman is still spooky even after sunrise. 😮
  6. What a beautiful view! And I love the lights in your tree!
  7. I felt incredibly lucky to have gotten such a beautiful parcel location. My home faces an ocean to the South and no neighboring home there to block the gorgeous view. I've got no neighbor to the East either. And my backyard overlooks the rest of the neighborhood to the North from the small rise in terrain that my home's foundation is on.
  8. I made this dance video in 2017 and never shared it on the forums. 😖 Today's episode of "Lab Gab" with guest machinimator, Luca, inspired me to share. I hope to be able to make more videos and help with framing Second Life in a better light to new potential residents. 😊
  9. Only one person actually cared to explain this to me already and clear up my assumption. Your comment is not at all helpful.
  10. Haha! Covering all your bases. Thank you kindly for the new tip. :3
  11. It won’t stop them. But it would at least deter them from copybotting the demo since it will be an incomplete mesh. *shrugs*. I know someone will still copybot a full version, but at least it won’t be as convenient as just getting the demo? XD
  12. Thank you for the clarification. They were not specific as to what would be potentially wrong with my demo so I really appreciate your comment a lot. Even if a creator has a demo texture on their product, copybotters can still get the whole mesh. But you’ve shown me the idea to actually upload a demo mesh that is completely missing vertices and faces. Thank you very much!
  13. “if your demo items are so easely turned to full items by a botter you need to change your demo” My demo item permissions are not the problem as they are always set to NO mod, No Transfer. I’ll be ignoring your presumptuous responses from now on. Thanks for trying though.
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