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  1. Kerigann, Go here~~ https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ Submit a ‘Case’ ~ ~ sounds way more sinister than it is Pick: Marketplace Then: General Marketplace Issues They just type this: Please give me access to the merchant’s roundtable forum You’ll get a message like this back: __________________________________________________ Hello Lanas Criss, Thank you for contacting Customer Support regarding access to the Merchants Roundtable Forum. We have added your name to the access list and the link to the Merchants Roundtable section should now be visible under the Commerce Forum Index section on the left side of the main page of the Second Life Commerce Blog page, located here: https://blogs.secondlife.com/community/commerce The link to the Merchants Roundtable section should also be visible under the Sub-Channels list on the left side when you are viewing the discussions section of the other Sub-Channels on the Commerce Blog. If you have any difficulty viewing the Merchants Roundtable section or participating in conversation in that area, please let us know. Regards, Dakota Linden -- Linden Lab SL Marketplace Customer Support https://marketplace.secondlife.com/ http://www.secondlife.com ________________________________________________________________ Then you’re all done… that’s of course after the FBI background check, Marketplace credentials verification, Visa/Green card status review, etc… sorry, that was just too easy to throw in since the process probably seems harder than you hoped... I survived (whew) Good Luck!
  2. Hopefully you can get at the post link below... it's in the 'Merchant Roundtable' forum that you can join, but I'm not sure if the link will work if you haven't joined yet. Anywho... there's plenty of helpful advice for fixing the "unavailable" problem, although sadly time may be the only thing that really fixes it, and all these other sync, rez, reset, and repeat jobs we do just distract us for the appropriate amount of time... who knows. If you can't get at this post let me know and I'll cut 'n paste it over to here for you tonight when I get back from work. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants-Roundtable/Magic-Box-Tips-amp-Tricks/m-p/770949 Fingers soooo crossed...
  3. You may want to poke your friend to see if they somehow cut and pasted something accidentally and monkeyed up the customer names and order numbers. I just discovered those Excel spreadsheets a few days ago myself while I was responding to another post and I found them to be all sorts of enlightening. I'm grabbing my sheets from "Reports > Orders - little blue 'Download CVS Output'" link on the MarketPlace. If I had to guess it sounds to me like your friend got your sheet from the 'Transaction History' section... I'd double check that because you may still be able to easily get at what you're hoping for, although admittedly not as easily as we'd like. Here's the information that I can get at and none of my 'Buyer' names are MarketPlace Linden from the link that I use. Date Order # SKU Item Order Item ID Buyer Recipient Price State Commission Distributions Net amount If we're ever on together I'd be glad to try to get you through the wickets... some of your questions like totals for the day, total someone has spent over a time period, etc really aren't too tricky to tease out. Try playing around in that "Reports > Orders" section on MP and you may be pleasantly surprised... or become more completely spun out of control and into a rage over what you've lost in the transition... who knows... but more is always better right? (maybe not?) Fingers crossed for you!
  4. It’s been an utterly new Second Life for me the last three days… and I gave it three days to make sure I wasn’t just lucky once or twice. Our home was graced with a new computer this weekend and I didn’t expect to be wowed in any significant way, but I was soooo wrong. The sky is beautiful, things appear practically in an instant, TPing back and forth between two places I’ve already been really is ‘instant’, all the little billboards on the tall walls at Bare Rose pop up so quickly it might as well be instantly. This really shouldn’t be surprising, since our old computer was seriously from 2002 or 3, but I wanted to share my ‘new’ experience to give hope to anyone out there who suffers through agonizing minutes waiting for shops to be shoppable, clubs to be clubbable, and homes to be livable because of ‘Lag’. I’m sure ‘Lag’ is real, but mine has been nearly eliminated and I’m pretty sure there’s been no change in our internet situation over the weekend. I’m truly exploring a whole new world, and while I couldn’t argue that folks should get a new computer just for SL, I can tell you that your Second Life can all sorts of improve if you do. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell you exactly what makes this one special… my husband peels every possible sticker off everything he gets in seconds, but it says HP Pavilion Elite HPE on the front. Just had to share that there’s hope, and that maybe it really isn’t all that bad on Linden’s end after all… now shame on them for making anyone need a new computer to enjoy their SL, but that’s another story.
  5. Extraordinarily happily married in RL, but partnered in SL to a totally talented builder friend of mine who I’d worked with for a couple of years… He was having a horrible time with some of his more dramatic SL ‘partnerships’ and on an out of the blue whim he ‘partnered’ me and I accepted because I knew him well and truly wasn’t looking for any serious partnership so I figured it was fantastic cover… plus I figured there was some degree of humor to it. Well, the funny part of this, but I don’t know if it’s still true because I didn’t bother to check, was way back then it cost like L$25 to ‘un-partner’ yourselves so I told him he’d have to pay for that since he got me into it for only L$10 at that time. So just like RL it’s apparently more expensive to split than connect… really? I still laugh at that… and now more than a year later we’re still partners because I’m sure not paying to fix his relationship problems… oh dear, still laughing… it’s a running joke amongst close SL friends. Bets are out as to who’ll pay for the annulment… but persistence is my middle name… sooooo… no single SL life for me in any future I can imagine. (SL Prenuptials anyone?)
  6. This title caught my eye and I really sat back and thought about it a bit... In my case, ‘my’ avatar is me, but I do have two SL imaginary friends. I got started here quite a while ago after seeing a blurb in a magazine that was sitting around the house during a winter vacation time while I was home alone. I went through a “what in the world?” phase for the first couple days after being pounced on quickly with the “hey baby, wanna do the… etc… etc…” that quickly introduced me to the poseballs and other friskier activities out there in the wild. I was shocked, intrigued, fascinated at every turn, but quickly became uncomfortable with the straight forwardness toward ‘intimacy’ that surrounded me. Without boring everyone with my whole story suffice it to say that I married my high-school sweetheart, am still ridiculously in love, and I just wasn’t ‘feeling’ what I was being invited to participate in. As I was trying to give SL ‘one last try’ by exploring all sorts of new places I ran across some really clever and nice people in sandboxes, and some other ‘new resident’ type locations. They inspired me to try my hand at animations since I did get a kick out them, but some just didn’t do what I wanted, or just looked uncomfortable. Long story shorter, by the end of my free time for those few winter days I’d made a couple fun animations and a couple new wonderful friends. Fortunately the frisky poseball people didn’t give up easily and since I’d ‘friended’ waaaay too many of them during my manic first couple days they kept at me to come out and play. Eventually they clothed me nicely, painted my face, and made me look and feel great. They also learned that I could, and was making animations… flirty ones at that. I was introduced to some ‘themed sim’ owners and amazing builders, and the rest is my animation history. But… back to why the title caught my eye… because I make couples anims (and occasionally threesomes ) I brought another man and a woman anim to life so they could do the work of sitting, spanking, shaking, sleeping, rubbing, kissing, or whatever the clients required. Those two are my imaginary friends! The very few people who know who those two are snicker whenever they know I’m not working but one of those two avatars is out and about… everyone starts to wonder whether they’re being naughty or nice… While ‘my’ avi really is me, the happily married, well behaved animator, my other two imaginary friends are occasionally out entertaining me and everyone around them. They do a few of the things I wouldn’t (although it’s all in the name of ‘market research’), we debate their spending habits, and the fact that the girl just can’t keep her prim numbers under control so our sim owners are always telling her to take down most of her newly found furniture. I suppose those two are actually imaginary friends of everyone in my group of owners, builders, and sims, because we talk about them as if they were their own little personalities and we all get a great therapeutic laugh out of it. Those two do ‘think’ and act much differently, so they really are fun to have around for me… hence the imaginary friend connection. (maybe I need the straight jacket) Probably more than anyone wanted to know, but I can confidently say that yes my avi is me, but yes SL has provided me with two wonderful imaginary friends… now if I could just get them back to work!
  7. You piqued my interest with the question... shame on you, it never bothered me till just now! Best I could find was to pick any dates you wanted from the "Reports > Orders" page and then there a little blue link at the end of the date bar that says "Download CVS Output". That'll pop a spreadsheet out at you that you can do some Excel gymnastics with and figure out anything you want... totals, averages, blah blah blah.... by the time I was done it actually felt like work. Probably not as easy you'd hoped, but it's one way to get at it... thanks for totally distracting me
  8. Bree, That's a super cute and clever solution to Queenie's question... I was snickering to myself thinking how true your comment actually was... Although look at me, I've already spent enough time typing that a whole other Right Hand Hold could have been made... Still snickering...
  9. I skimmed this rather quickly so I may have missed it if the point was already made, but I was told to go down the Copy/No Trans path by other 'merchants' so that I could quickly and confidently respond to the Marketplace folks who told me that their deliveries hadn't worked out right. I've only been selling from my own Marketplace shop for a few months, but I've been making fun animations for a few years now that were always sold by others so I've paid attention to their 'customer service' concerns. When most of the sales were from In-World shops and the deliveries were fairly reliable I saw more of a Mod/Trans/No Copy trend. As more and more buyers enjoy what they describe as the convenience of the Marketplace then merchants I know have responded to its occasionally unreliable deliveries by switching to Copy/No Trans so they can simply 'Resend' if there's a customer delivery problem without worrying that folks are asking for resends and simply giving them away. I quickly resend things about twice a week when I see some sort of delivery drama on my Marketplace page... I don't even wait for the sad IM's anymore... and every once in a while I'll get a "Thanks for paying attention" note. If I resend it and they actually had gotten it already then it's No Trans and no real issue... If they didn't get it and it just shows up magically because I resent it myself automatically, although a little late, then they're thrilled. If they have to ask me for a 'resend' and I easily (and confidently) reply "Sure, I'll send you another right now!" then they're super thrilled. Hopefully that puts a slightly different perspective on it for you. There's supposed to be a fix for Marketplace MagicBoxes and such coming soon and if that returned a bit of confidence to merchants that a request for redelivery wasn't some sort of devious plot to pass out precious merchandise then I can't see why you wouldn't see a trend back to more Trans-ishness. Everyone I work with puts customer service first, and redelivery tops my list for customer concerns, so you can see how Trans/No Trans with unreliable deliveries complicates the customer service situation... and yes, I have tons of No Trans stufforama that I'd love to share too so I sooooooo feel your pain.
  10. I've been so happy that SL continues to look better and better at all the places I wander around. Things were quite scrappy when I first started peeking into this place. The variety of Avi's and the personalities behind them have also kept me entertained in ways I hadn't expected. There are some really clever and nice people hiding out there if you're lucky enough to wander across them. The worst thing for me has been than fact that I enjoy 'Hunts' so much that my inventory is a complete useless mess so I've sworn off hunts until I can put some order back into my SL closet. That's not so bad I suppose... Although I doubt I have the will power to actually behave that long. Fingers crossed!
  11. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Commerce-Forums-General/Why-the-SL-sales-drastic-decline-How-can-I-improve/td-p/462726 That post has enough worthwhile advise from some fantastic folks to get you more than started. I haven't been clever enough to do everything they suggested but I got off to a very satisfying start and I owe each of the contributors a huge thank you! Good Luck and have plenty of fun...
  12. I apparently didn't cross my fingers tight enough. You could try putting it in a script friendly sandbox somewhere as a test, or move it to some other friend's shop or 'sim' just to see if where you're hiding it right now is unhappy with it... frustrating I'm sure. My only other suggestion is to make sure you have the newest bestest should work but who can be sure Magic Box as they suggest: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Xstreet-SL-Magic-Box/36791 "IMPORTANT UPDATE! If you are using a magic box prior to version 3.0.11, we strongly suggest you update to ensure reliability of deliveries." If you already have that box, and you probably do, then you'll be left in the hands of some other box genius out there for help. Fingers crossed even tighter for you now!
  13. Something similar happened to me a month ago and I read that 'resetting the script' might help. I, like you, had moved it around, picked it up and rezed it again... blah blah blah... Opening the script and boinking the 'reset' did the trick. Fingers crossed for you!
  14. I was making friends and getting lots of help for a couple years before I ever ‘sold’ anything, and I’ve paid all the love back by being a helpful friend now. Having nice friends helps you sell nice things because of their suggestions, criticism, and word of mouth. But just capturing ‘friends’ to help you make sales seems like a horribly slow and poor way to sell… maybe I’m naïve. I’d think if your goal was to shnucker people into buying things it would be best to get them to join a group rather than just being your friend so you could poke them mercilessly with sales and bargains until you had all their L$s. Hmmm… maybe groups are the problem not fast made friends? (I’m being silly… sorry)
  15. I’ve noticed that people who are ‘together’ for a while and haven’t done anything mean, evil, or annoying to each other usually have little trouble becoming ‘friends’. If there’s a wee bit of chemistry then occasionally they can ‘fall in love’. ‘Together’ can be at school, the office, or in SL’s case IMs, favorite shops, special sims or events. It’s a little harder for chemistry to take over in SL because you can’t tell if he smells good or has a frisky grin, but obviously that hasn’t stopped lots of folks from becoming a little closer. So if I have a vote, being similar isn’t nearly as important to becoming friends as being ‘together’… and SL does a great job of bringing all sorts of interesting folks together.
  16. Just seeing if I can do this... I can't figure out how to remove it... sorry
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