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  1. llGetPrimitiveParams also has some nifty ways of doing this too. Colors can be used to store, retrieve and update information (switch_1 = color.x * 255) and then translated into binary information (3 color channels * 8 switches) for a total of 24 simple flags preferences per face (i.e "group/owner only", "local chat/silent", etc). string Color2Bin(vector redValue) { integer i; string buffer = "00000000"; integer storeRed = (integer)(redValue.x*255); string binary; do binary = (string) (storeRed & 1) + binary; while (storeRed /= 2); i = llStringLengt
  2. AVSitter will allow to write scripts that can give you options on how you control animation changes. You'd create a simple separate script to use an event (like "timer" or "listen") to send a linked message that triggers an animation change. if (msg == "doowop2") llMessageLinked(LINK_SET,90000,"Doo_Wop2",""); As far as your original problem with MLVP2.3... take a look at the system tab for your notifications to see if the object isn't asking for permissions there. If you see something like "Topo'sObject, an object owned by TopoNightfire would like to: Animate your avatar." in y
  3. You looked so happy up there, with your arms stretched out and the wind in your hair, I really didn't want to spoil your descent. I wish I had the ability to grant wishes.
  4. Considering that most color exists on a spectrum (the spectrum of visible light) I'd venture that divisions of that spectrum were not culturally defined in the same way as they are today. Tetrochromats can distinguish between 100 million colors, most for which our culture has no "words" describing those subtle shades between red and green. The colors are there, our eyes are picking them up, but we use terms that closely matches colors we find in that part of the spectrum. The Vikings "seeing" blue as a neutral color makes a lot of sense, even today we use bluing to "whiten" clothes, we desc
  5. The notecard method makes sense for an applier, where other creators will be creating notecards with their own unique textures, and you don't want other texture creators to have access to your script . If there's no third party creators, and you just want the end user to be able to choose from 5 preset textures, Xiija's solution makes a lot more sense. A list of 5 keys in the script itself is going to do things a lot faster, and with fewer headaches, than making a simple texture change a database event.
  6. Not with a fitted or rigged mesh shirt either, unfortunately. Works with the old school Lolas Tangos which are unrigged mesh. There was a Halloween freebie script on marketplace called "Candybags" that instead of "tattling" the Lolas gave out candy. Someone was bound to find the idea of Tango shaped pinatas offensive, and the script has since been removed from MP. Berksey's solution is probably the best way to do what you need. You may also have the option of linking the transparent box to a fitted/rigged shirt if the shirt can be modded. Once you link the shirt to
  7. For those willing to experiment: Two spheres with path cuts at 0.000-0.500. Will take a system/standard eye texture with Horizontal scale 1.5 and Vertical scale 3.0 with a vertical offset at 0.75. and now... my magic formula (for prim eye rotations) // Prims 2 and 3 are the eyes // standard rotation: <-0.95663, -0.02348, -0.06563, -0.28284> // look down: <0.95845, -0.00453, -0.02889, 0.28375> // roll eyes (look up): <0.94567, 0.05091, 0.15875, 0.27914> // look right: <0.90481, 0.01347, 0.06803, 0.42013> // look left: <0.98781, 0.03260, 0.06113, 0.13939>
  8. It's a bug (at least the way that the AnyPose attachment works) that's been exploited into a feature. If you know what you're doing, you can open a BVH file that "poses" only the eyes and upload it as an animation to SL. Apparently this "feature" was disabled for the V2 viewers (but I hear rumors that some of the third party V1 based viewers can still do it) and any eye pose information is stripped out. I'll need to dig through a few inventories to find my abandoned workaround for this, but the not so simple solution is to create a pair of fake eyes with scripted movement and attach
  9. What kind of permissions do you have on your furniture? If you can mod the notecards, you may be in luck. For facial expressions built into the animation, you have to deal with the "O" faces and creepy smiles for a few seconds at the beginning of the animation, and if they're looped, don't have to see them again until the next time you call the animation. However, if you're constantly seeing the same expressions, it's scripted in. For some furniture, the problem is as easy as editing the notecards, depending on what animation scripts are used in the item, and whether the creator has left
  10. Troubleshoot the problem, starting with the most likely problem first. (If you're slowly sinking through prims, even after restarting your client, scenarios 2 and 3 may be the most likely issues.) 1. Most likely: The prims you're sinking through are phantom. (Check the "floor" or the prim that you're falling through to see if the phantom check box has been clicked. If it has, unclick it....that should fix the problem.) 2. There is a non phantom prim set at 100% transparency that's "pushing" you through the other prims. (use the "highlight transparent" option in the view menu and see if y
  11. Kellyo Mayo wrote: If I were head of CBS and wanted to keep fans happy, protect CBS intellectual propertie rights, make some money and possibly save a ton of money here is what I do. 1. Come to an agreement with LL that anyone can make and sell Star Trek items. 2. Have LL write a small program that any in world vendor object that Star Trek appears in the name of the vendor automatically gives CBS a percentage of the sale. I believe anywhere from 10 to 50% is fair. 3. Any MarketPlace item that is sold with the words Star Trek in the name or description or key words then CBS gets a perce
  12. Madeliefste Oh wrote: - 5 free mesh uploads and 20 free texture uploads per week or - pay only 2,5% commission on your marketplace sales or - 50% discount on one 'featured item advertisement' on the marketplace I went premium because I like SL. The sandboxes and freebies don't offer me any advantage over building at home, even my free SL house has become a toolshed/mainland testing ground when I occasionally have issues on the homestead I rent. The one thing LL could offer me that would really make premium a value is invisible log-ins. Not the "let everyone know you're onl
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