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  1. Thanks. But at this point we're just spinning on the head of a pin. I see the Trending Tab. I see people I've never interacted with, have no connection too, or care about, filling the area with crazy stuff. Stuff that used to be for me, and my SL friends. Go figure. Repeated for the cheap seats in the way back. A Resident should ALWAYS have control over an area that has their name, their profile their billing info etc on. New trend (LoL) by LL's *obviously*.
  2. If you say so. I've answered enough to your inquiries evidently not enough to your satisfaction. We'll just agree...to disagree. I will always believe a person is entitled to have a choice on something that's flopping on their turf. It's becoming abundantly clear from your .02's worth you really don't have an issue. Ok, whatever. Also, as I mentioned, again, previously ,it wasn't always like this.
  3. But..not...by *me*. I'm not following any of these sorts, neither have I interacted with any of them.
  4. Yes Wulfie. We agree. Trending is on *my* profile. When I go to yer profile, it doesn't show the Trending. It's there for the user. Which is why I object to it. I don't want it, on *my* profile. YES these people are indeed posting this stuff, for it to end up on *my* profile that *I* did NOT choose. Hence my question how can I suppress it, get rid of it? AR'ing it would never work since technically, it's not a violation of TOS to post yer avatar nekkid, showing sexual poses etc. There is no button in which a Resident can choose to have it on or off. THAT was the whole reason I posted what I d
  5. There is NO BUTTON that's the point I don't know where you went, but yer off the rails. Trending, how to stop it. I mentioned it would be better if Linden Lab had provided a button. Suggestion? Re-read. You'll see. AND? Lookie here, it's very much still on my profile (and this isn't the worst of it):
  6. Uh...that does no good. There is no "button" that's the point! LoL. SL has changed it's principles about how much they will allow our profiles to be flooded with crap-ola. Years ago you would have never seen this which is why I'm surprised LL's are not allowing the Resident to control their own trending...which is what brought me here for help. It's abundantly clear at this point it's a crap shoot to remedy. 🐾🐾
  7. LoL file an AR? That would go nowhere. LL needs a button on the user side me thinks.
  8. The "big" deal? "Just don't click it" although it's not an area I care to examine on a regular basis, nonetheless I should have the CHOICE whether I want it on *my* profile area. It was never there before which I should have probably stated when I first posed this question. It tells me SL has turned it's "safety for the Resident" over to their greed mongering. Sex sells on SL! Duh, I just care to see nekkid women on MY timeline TYVM. Nonetheless there is no way to remove this junk. That imho, is on the fault of Linden Lab for not "allowing" a user to determine what they want or do n
  9. I can't find any settings to eliminate this porno pile of guano "trending" in my.secondlife.com area. What is up with this junk? I didn't invited these people on my page! Leslie
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