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  1. Months later this issue still exist with singularity viewers, i was try multiple versions of it and same result everytime, you get a screen full with all kind of artefacts barely visible. I used in the last couple of months firestorm viewer but i'm so sick of it, i miss this old school style, i might give up completely on SL because of this issue...
  2. This happens to me lately, on 2 different machines, on a PC with 2080 gpu & on laptop where i have 1060 gpu. I'm a gamer, i play loads of games, but none does this stupid artefact broken gpu video of what can't do anything because impossible to even see something on screen after closing SL, so i have to force close or restart entire pc/laptop. I'm using singularity alpha viewer & i never had any problems ever before but this happens in 2019! I installed the official viewer just to try it out to see if does the same & it doesn't crash the gpu driver, problem is that i don'
  3. Hello, 1st of all i hope this is the right place to post, if not redirect me pls! I'm looking for someone to create the 2 jackets from the pic, with option to wear it with a t-shirt to and without it also, mesh for Maitreya. I don't know if something similar is around on mp, i have some jackets but i want something more original and i love this style. Contact me if interested for more details. Best regards!
  4. LAND ABANDONATED (just added it to the endless pile of abandoned homes) The announce is stay active, i will find a land to buy which will have 512sqm and 175prims. It will be watterfront and the price it will stay the same for the 1st 3 months, which is 100L$/WEEK. If interested contact me and we might find your next home together, depending by how much i will need to invest into buy this kind of premium land. Best regards, Tzunny
  5. I searched for more info about this and all i find is not so good, relevant info. Them so called official pages still show 117 prims, are not even updated so no idea what to believe about this when they do not care to update the info rofl. But yeah, i will try get a answer from Live chat in few and will come here after to update info. UPDATE: After conversation with support, it been clarified that which is called a "Linden home" you can't rent, buy & sell. You have to abandon it and find another land with the same area which you can do almost whatever you want wi
  6. Hi & thx for the info! Is only for residential use of course & anyone who needs a place to stay is welcome. Group-owned i think is something else, like when peoples pay money for the land, then they sell it, land it's not deed to group or other stuffs like this so yeah. Well like a premium user i am, this is a thing i pay for with my real money so i don't see why can't offer a place to stay to someone else if i do not use it! To not mention that the other premium benefits are like really low, almost non-existent in SL, i'm a gamer and Linden have lowest, worse prem
  7. Hello, i'm a premium user & want to rent my land/home place at a decent price because i just moved with someone at a bigger place & this would be a waste to not be used. The prims that can be used are 175 & the price i ask per week is 100L$. Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dunmovin/245/215 Images: https://imgur.com/a/dch9f Contact me for more information. Best regards!
  8. Hello, i'm a premium user & want to rent my piece of land/home place at a decent price because i just moved with someone at a bigger place and this would be a waste. The prims that can be used are 175 & the price i ask per week is 150L$. Contact me for more information like visiting the location & negotiation. I login daily.
  9. Thank you for the quick reply! Is there a way to rent my land i have from being a premium member if i want to get a better location? Because i would prefer some waterfront & less mainland lag/slow rezzing (even if are few peoples there is some lag sometimes). So i was think to rent the home i have atm and look for a dream location not that expensive either. But i do not want to abandon the curent place since i pay for it anyway so i was think to find someone which can rent it to. But i do not know anything about this, but now i have bigger plans (a partner & require more spac
  10. EXACTLY! Like a premium user i'm in this situation for years now, not much love for us in this case sadly. It's called mainland but it's like zombie land, i barely see anyone around 10-15 sims from me. So, i wish there was a way to pick exact one we want and not random generated by the server.
  11. How do you can edit a topic and/or close it if do not need it anymore? I'm still looking for someone to create or help me put together a Bento head which to look with someone i want. Someone from this forum contacted me at the start of the year & after i paid in advance for half of the work and after i had to wait months to be delivered but it did not happened. I just filled fraud scammer abuse for that person. It made me waste time & money and is sad that there is no way on this forum to verify the accounts to not allow scammers be part of it! Anyway, i tes
  12. Tzunny Nagy

    Mesh Head

    Hello, i need soneone to create a custom head mesh, PM me with your work info. Thank you!
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