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  1. I'm in Gor role play and in Gor, your profile is OOC (out of character) your information in your profile cannot be used in character, unless you have specific limits, just for the other players knowledge. My boyfriend who is in my rl and sl, didn't like specific things for my new jarl, owner, had me put I my profile (my bf gave me ownership to my friend whom is a woman and she got companioned so no that would make him my jarl, my bf was fine with that, which is besides the point.) he didn't care care what he had me put, and I asked him if I could take it off or change the certain rule, he said no, and that if I took it out, he would not own me, therefore would put me out. So pretty much what my question is, is it against Tos or any certain LL rule for someone to make you out something in your profile? ANd if you don't, you're then threaten? Thanks so much! No need for rude comments, basic question for basic answer.
  2. So it's been going on for a day or two, that my Avatar will be a cloud and I finally just Character Test and wear an Outfit that I made before hand and then I'm fine for a short period of time, but soon ehough the shirt part from the Charater Test will still be there when I don't have any clothes on at all. I use Firestorm v4.0.1 and I just cleared my cache today. I have uploaded a link to what my avatar will look like, an example. I keep Force Apperancing and relogging and even re downloaded the whole Second LIfe Viewer, nothing is working, anyone know what's going on? Thanks so much. My face, is the Character Test, and the rest of the skin is what I'm trying to go for: http://tinypic.com/r/vdhdv5/5
  3. I have Phoenix Viewer 1.6.1 and it is Mesh enabled but, won't work. I have friends that it works for but, not me. I know how to get to the Custom on Graphics tab the whole clicking Skinning Hardware, what else is there to do? I know my Laptop can support it because my Graphics have always been on the highest, and I never have crashing issues or anything. So what could be wrong? At first I was anti Mesh and didn't want that change but now, I realize I am missing out. By the way, I have downloaded Firestorm and it works perfectly fine on viewer 2 but, I am stingy and don't like it. What do I do?
  4. There's this game I play and later into the night, you're suppose to click the bottom row fast, well it doesn't let me click the bottom row fast, it just says Could Not Teleport Could Not Teleport Closer to Destination. Why is this coming up? It just started doing it last night, so I updated my viewer to Phoenix and thougth it would change it, it didn't. What's wrong? And if this helps, when I'm at my home, when I double click on the floor, I jump to that place, so maybe does that have somehting to do with it? If anyone knows please help, this issue is very irritating.
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