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  1. I want to down grade back to basic but i cant figure out how to release my land holdings. All i have left is my mainland that came with my membership but i cant get rid of it. Please help me!!!!!
  2. I am having the exact same issue with anything I upload whether it be textures or meshes... I don't have itunes or skydrive... could it be anything else?
  3. We are so much closer now, it's rigged correctly and the size is right, now we're working on making it not invisible on the outside! Thank you all so much, this was seriously a big help!
  4. Hey guys... I've got a friend that is using maya to make a mesh jacket for me. At first we had the issue of it having no physics when trying to upload, but we fixed that. Now when we try to upload it, there are 3 issues... it comes in extremely tiny, but can be stretched to a bigger size.... it's almost invisible on the outside when you cam around it and when trying it on, it's completely crazy and there's a long box that goes down my whole body. If there's anyone that can help me with this, I'd really appreciate it!! Thanks!
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