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  1. Callum, what I know is a comparison between the past and the present. Sure, we have lag when the dance is full but never with the contest board. I logged into my sim parcel and tried to use a texture hud for my dress. I was the ONLY avatar on the private region. It took 20-30 seconds to see the change. Last week and years before, this change took 1-2 seconds. There was NOT a script overrun problem at 2:45 AM SLT on the sim. I experienced a similar slow-down last week on a mainland region. Now, on a private region. I do not post complaints. That is not my bag. But, this problem warrants my posting. And please, the answer is not to punish or limit our visitors. IF this is going to be the case, Linden should have notified everybody beforehand.
  2. YES. Many lag problems with scripts. Last week it was on the mainland, this week on a private region. We hold a dance every day and a competition for best dressed. Yesterday, nobody could vote because of the delays between board and chat. It was terrible. EVERYBODY suffered the same so it IS NOT an internet connection problem, it is Linden Labs. Whatever was done is a disaster.
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