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  1. Those were the days.... when the nightmare was very real. Thank LL for mesh.
  2. Yeah it's about Bloody time someone says something about this! I'm on board. I'm a 5' Cat girl, and I'm a proud anime weeb rocking an ADULT ANIME female body. And I don't have to be a giant big bewb bimbo to be happy about it either. SO do this please, set the height system. AND NO 2M IS NOT STANDARD HEIGHT. That's not Anime's so stop walking on the surface like your rights are some kind of moral god send, you titless tit. @sirhc DeSantis And not everyone is going to speak in the best of themsleves, the fact that people want something done about it is good enough for me. It's time to break this monsters throat and feed it its own mistakes. RIGHT IN THE FACE! Sorry FullMoon, I lack civility.
  3. Hello and thanks for stopping by! I'm in need of assistance in making a piece of clothing for the - Fitted Kemono Torso and UTILIZATOR KEMONO Avatar. These avatars can be found here. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UTILIZATOR-Kemono/6070005 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Fitted-Kemono-Torso/8351902 (Note that the fitted Torso is not standalone it's simply fitted mesh, this means the clothing can be shaped with avatar adjustments with sliders under avatar appearance. it's worn with the Kemono Avatar.) This is a mesh avatar in Secondlife that is popular among the anime and furry community. If your interested in working with me on this project for hire please be knowledgeable with the avatars stated above as well as being able to rig clothing products to them. You should also beable to know how to give the model shade dimension, but detail should look more like this shown here. You should also know how to make the product have bento physics. Areas of the product should have faces on the areas to select color changes as well. It needs to be customizable in that way. The product I'm asking to be made is a sweater with a zipper, two stand alone cuff sleeves, a Bikini Sports Top and hopefully If it's rigged well I won't need to have underwear made for it, But the hood is also part of the commission. Gloves would be nice too but then again all of this is debatable based on your price range and availability. I would like to work with you! Discussion on what can be done and what how between us via Im would be very much appericated! Examples shown below are exactly what I'm looking for and must fit the required expectations and avatar in question of using. I will provide a T-Pose front and back drawing for easyer modeling once we have a agreement on price if your willing to accept commission. Thankyou so much for your time and have a wonderful day. If your interested in taking my commission please leave a notecard In Secondlife to, Areis Mizin (My name might be changed to Crystal Secret if your using certain versions of Secondlife like Firestorm for an example. Cheers!
  4. Hello there! I am currently looking for someone to commission various 3d clothes desgines I have templates for my designs front and back and I am looking for experienced 3D mesh molders to create various works that fall under the criteria and workmanship as followed examples! Example 1:http://i.imgur.com/C8mc0kA.png Example 2:http://i.imgur.com/FqXwCDB.png templates that I give you to work with. Example : http://i.imgur.com/D2nLM07.png Note that color and area are via "face" sections and should have faces that can be colored or selected. This is why you should know how to use Second Life. *Some things that you need to know how to do. *Use shading ability and lighting abilitys. As well as paint as example above. *Know about Second Life and beable to upload Mesh with Rigged capablity using the Avatar 2.0 Boy by Utilizator. He gives a custom dummy to work with in 3D programs that you can work off of. http://utilizator404.wordpress.com/downloads/ *Know how to use Avatar 2.0 and the breast sizes that come with it. With this commission comes a price however. I perfer the people I do work with allow commercial use. meaning I can sell it in world via a shop for copy/Mod/no trans. If your interested please send me a note <3 And we can talk about pricing. Starting at 60$ USD minueum. (What I am willing to pay, prices range only upwards)
  5. It's been quite a challange when you have many and many of objects, meshes, undeis, bullet rezzed explosions in your inventory. Even being orgainized has it's limits. Will Second Life ever develop a system where we can have color coded based folders? As of now, playing this for over 4 years, I have yet once figured out how to copy any of the main folders. Examples would be the Favorite folder, or the landmarks folder. Since you can't give folder icons the best bet would be doing something along the lines of ~*A really overkill old folder. other then that I am just stumped on how to make my life a little more organized in SL.
  6. Hi there, Im in need for a animator for weapons with full perm. also walking and running as well. This means I will be paying you L for your work, but they have to be full perm. SO if anyone is interested just drop a notecard to Aliya Mizin ( it's Areis Mizin, but i changed my name so look for Areis Mizin) and I'll get back to you post haste! Once again, since sometimes im a bit confusing. - I need a animator that is good at making weapon animations, perferbally a one handed or two handed sword. please look at the preview of swords. I also will work with you, using descrtipions and pictures in steps if need be, http://i.imgur.com/B37RY.jpg http://i.imgur.com/J3Hf9.jpg please click links above to see what preview you have when working with me with this commission I am asking for. Have a great day : D p.s. We will talk price for what animation will cost on each animation.
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