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  1. Working in a higher resolution to start with will give you finer details when things are compressed by uploading to SL. As far as uploading a larger texture for skin, back when I used to design skins I tried that as an experment. Whether it was my graphic card or monitor resolution, I saw no difference at all between the larger and smaller files after SL got done doing what it does when you upload. YMMV, I can only speak for myself.
  2. i saw cardigans like that at Therapy casual Sexy Clothes
  3. Marx.Dudek wrote: I do think this is a bit much. Some creators charge L$1 simply because it makes it easier to track trends. Since most hair and skin designers use non-scripted vendors, they rely upon LL's transaction history to tell not only what people are buying, but what people are thinking about buying. By charging L$1, they are able to filter out L$0 transactions (which includes every notecard, every landmark, every resident-to-resident inventory offer, etc. etc.). Exactly...its just easier to track what's more popular. 1L is about $.004. Considering that decent skins aren't cheap, asking 1L for a pack of demos seems reasonable to me. If someone can't spend 1L for a demo, how likely is it that they will spend the (on-average) L1,000+ for the actual skin? Each of the three parts of a demo skin costs the standard L10 upload fee -- so that pack of demo skins with say ten different makeup options cost the designer at least 100L to make. Blame whomever you want to for the new xstreet pricing policies -- but I guarantee you that it is not the designers charging a measley 1L for a demo who wanted or asked for these changes. Each 1L listing will now cost them 10L each -- and who would buy a skin without a demo? If they give them away for free on xstreet, that freebie listing will cost them 99L per month. Direct your vitriol at the ones who deserve it, Marx.Dudek wrote: Designers certainly are not getting rich off of demos, trust me. They aren't getting rich at all, for the most part.
  4. two more things: when you stream someone's music -- a dj or a club -- they can see your IP address. Be careful whose music you listen to. If you are transferring any prim objects to your new avi-- don't, unless you are positive you bought it and did not receive it as a gift as tracking scripts can be hidden inside, named "bling' or something innocent.
  5. A couple of things -- you could try going back to your old drivers. In my experience with vid drivers the newest aren't always the best for your card. Also, like previously mentioned see if the "show updates" is checked, can't remember which menu that is on - possibly world, but look through them, find it and if it is checked, uncheck it. If that does not fix the problem-- in preferences, graphics, custom settings -- hardware options -- turn off "enable VBO" if that is checked.
  6. Unklebob.Hotaling wrote: OMG you made me spit coffee, that was bloody hilarious. Here's hoping i do better at the next staff auction. Then my job here is done!
  7. /me waves back at Uncle Bob!! I guess what I'm getting at is that it's pretty easy to stay anonymous if you want to. Living at the same house would just be inviting more drama. Mannerisms and speaking habits are true giveaways, but you'd have to spend a decent amount of time with someone chatting to really be sure of that. I really don't think that hacking into LL to find out the identity of a avatar is anything more than a conspiracy theory. Methinks your 'friends' are really not your friends if they'll sell you out for $3 - and the best advice other posters have given -- keep your rl info to yourself. Another good reason why Facebook and SL should stay far far away from each other, imo.
  8. Unless they are Lindens, how would anyone know who your 'new' avi is unless you tell them "I used to be ?"
  9. why ever would you need to rezz hair or a dress? just wear them. Or do you mean you received a box with the item inside and need to open it? Very odd way to receive hair. It is VERY possible that the hair is comprised of over 150 prims. if you are trying to rezz a skirt, i've seen skirts have more than 150 parts... Have you tried just creating ONE prim? see if that works for you. Also -- are you wearing your tag? You may need one to rezz anything on your land.
  10. 'The only thing 'inspect' will let you look at are prim attachments on an avatar - a hat, a flexi skirt, hair, those cool boots -- just prim attachments.
  11. its possible you are wearing a newbe skin that has the lingerie 'built in" and unable to be removed. Try changing skins.
  12. Does this happen with a different hairstyle? It looks like there may be an errant part of your hair that may be showing through. Select your hair and see if the outlines that show in edit mode match up to the lines that are on your neck... if so you can grab that section and edit it out of the way.
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