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  1. I would suggest that technical persons with education and non-profit clients in SL take a crash-course in OpenSim starting at OpenSimulator.org. Last week, I loaded the new version 0.7 of OpenSim on my laptop and was pleasantly surprised. Read about my experiences in my blog. It takes about a hour to create a simple world. Note that there is a small community of service providers around OpenSim. Anyone know a good list of these folks? And, thanks Troy for reminding us of all the contributions from non-profit groups in SL.
  2. Linden Lab has issued an incredibly stupid pricing change. A lot of the quality of the SL world depends on educational and nonprofit clients. Linden Lab has double their land fees with just three-month notice. Most of the wonderful digital assets of those clients will disappear over the coming year. OpenSim hosting providers will be the big winners, along with service providers who understand the permission chaos and can transfer digital assets out of SL. Sad…
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