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  1. Emilia Cornwall says: I had been using the beta without any issues....today got the new release and it is wacko...everything is rainbow colors, sculpties not rezzing, prims not attaching, textures totally borked. WTF? I dumped it and downloaded again....same thing! Went back to the beta.... same thing! What the hell? Logged in with Phoenix....everything was perfect. Any advice??????? Yes, clear cache whenever you change viewers.
  2. Perhaps you can find some useful information here on making your own AO.
  3. Off most of the time. Don't really like how they look with windlight clouds.
  4. Viewer 2.2.0 Known Issues (from release notes) Anti-Aliasing Broken VWR-17436 Anti-Aliasing does not work, regardless of settings in Preferences -> Graphics -> Hardware.
  5. Grats to the Snowstorm team, good job. Only one problem for me with viewer 2. My Mac Powerbook with its Power PC processor is not supported anymore. It's a perfectly good computer but because it doesn't have an Intel CPU I cannot use viewer 2 and the only current viewer I can use on that pc the old and outdated 1.23.5. I guess my question is, Esbee; Will viewer 2 eventually support Mac PPC CPU's (G4 & G5)? And, if not, will you be making any upgrades at all to viewer 1... the only viewer I can use now (used Emerald before but we all know what happened there...oh well). Again, good job, team--keep up the great work.
  6. In versions of the viewer prior to 2.0 I could look in the upper right corner of the viewer and see my current linden dollar balance.  I could also observe it increase or decrease when spending or receiving L$.  So... where has that moved to?  And please don't tell me that the only way to see my linden dollar balance in-world is to open my dashboard... please say it aint so!!
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