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  1. NealCrz wrote:

    Not sure I can articulate this but going to try as I'd love some broad perspective from around the world.

    Been on SL 6 years and let myself love someone a couple times, once over a year and rl visits were part of one.  It's really easy to meet girls on here and could go there like a noob if i wanted too but won't because of what I call measured love.  I find "measured love" seems to be what people want on SL at least as far I've seen.

    If i had to sum up what I've seen a lady likes on sl would be a need to be loved, to be desired, and cared for.  They want someone who's faithful, honest, and considerate of their feelings.  Someone to share some fairytale moments with, stability, safety and passion.  Intense passion at that.  A true companion.

    At that point is where measured love prevails.  If you let yourself love beyond that point well............

    Just curious and thought might be fun to explore this topic.  Just a fun light discussion no haters please. hehe

    Perhaps measured love is the right approach???

    "Measured love" sounds like a realistic approach for many of us---but we are all unique individuals, and that's what is so utterly amazing about our second lives---there's no one shoe that fits all---just sayin'

  2. Kristin Burner wrote:

    mew mew mew meeeeeewwwwwww :matte-motes-asleep:


    I did that once, but one phone call to linden labs, a few excuses about why i lied about all that stuff they wanted from me and then they reset my password.  


    Nowadays i think if i forgot my password i would actually rejoice and run downt he hall screaming, I AM FREEEE, FREEEE, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, never to be seen again :matte-motes-big-grin:

    nudges your elbow and sighs-----ya--- i know what you mean----then goes hunting for a magic pill   :matte-motes-little-laugh:

  3. Heyyyy Anita!

    I bet you like to get all dolled up and go dancing.  Come to Frank's Jazz Place which is my favorite place to hang out.  Sometimes you meet the most interesting people---just take a deep breath and say Hi!---you'll never know what is in that avi standing next to you---might be a dud, or might turn out to be a really cool person---just be yourself.  It's something like fishing---hehehe   :) ---just be patient and diligent.  Come regularly so that people will recognize and remember your name.   Relax and hang loose---and  there's nothing wrong with picking a solo dance if you get tired of waiting for a guy to ask you to dance---you might as well enjoy the music.  Please do say hello to me if you see me.  :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:

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