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  1. Honestly as stand any item sold under 10L should not be best selling due to the loss of views other merchants have on the MP, A lot of people base their RL income off the sells they make on MP along with in world, You hit best selling now and get a whole bunch of crappy freebie things and some sold out statue for 1million lindens... That is a big dent in the economy of SL... But in the end LL still makes their money so why would they care about the merchants (who by the way are the reason this game expands to new crowds the way it does)
  2. Tonight one of my items was reported (it shows the very tip of the brown ring around the very top edge of the nipple. "Ok fine I thought to my self" Options avalible on changing this to meet their standards - None...... So my question to Linden Labs.... How about just flag the item so we have a chance to go in and change it to meet said requirements of why it was taken down, instead of just fully removing it and making us regather up the picture and info along with tags to repost it on the Marketplace..... Just food for thought here.
  3. The surfboard it self will be set to physical, A wave is not really nothing more then a object pushing across the water. I just mainly need to board to react to that push effect with animation/control effects.
  4. I am looking to hire a Scripter or buy scripts for a surfboard --- Board needs to be able to paddle (movement outside of wave) --- Intereact with object push (Like hitting a wave will cause it to go from paddle to surf) --- Needs to have a idle feature (when the person is on the board and not moving he just sits on the board vs paddling) Pretty much a set of scripts that controls movements one way then on interaction with a pushable object the same funtions work different controls i.e : outside the wave pushing page down will cause you to dive under water about 5 ft. But when riding inside the wave it will cause a animation or trick . I Know this is probably a little mind twisting to understand, But I am looking for either the scripts or a scripter to hire to make a surfboard that works as good as all the ones in world now. Please send me an IM in world with price Thank you Lyriqz Xue -
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