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  1. Here is a picture of me in the Second LIfe Viewer:  Here's what I look like in FIrestorm Viewer:  Want to guess why I don't use Second Life Viewer?
  2. Well I have finally given up on mesh. I have spent a lot of Lindens but I still spend most of my time trying to figure out why my feet are below ground, or where did my left hand go. There are just too many tweeks that are necessary and then everything has to be changed when I put on a new outfit. When the engineers can make mesh simplier and more user friendly then they may have a good idea. But so far I don't think mesh is ready for prime time.
  3. I finally quit. I bought the mesh skin (it was beautiful) I bought the clothes (they were beautiful) I bought the shoes and jewelry. But I have been walking around on my ankles with my feet underground! IT IS SO G**D*** COMPLICATED! I went back to my old self and I am very happy. I have a beautifuo warfdrobe and it looks fine -- maybe not perfect but fine. AND my feet are on the ground! This mesh crap just is not working right yet. You developers get the dang thing working right before you hoist it onto the users! I am NOT buying any more mesh crap until it is ready for 'prime time!'
  4. I don't really get this whole mesh thing. Is mesh the same as slink? Do I need to have a mesh body before I can use mesh skin? And then do I need the body and skin before I can wear mesh (or slink) clothes? I'm not a designer, I'm just a customer who wants to buy stuff but it has not been explained very well to the user.
  5. I am trying to rez an object in my Linden home but the message says the object is too large. How can I tell how many prims an object will use before I try to rez it?
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