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  1. I can;t find the old driver anymore I have made to many changes and can't roll back and I haven't been able to locate th old drivers online yet. I used to the procedure posted earlier to verifiy the show updates was off. Thank you thank you thank you turning off the VBO fixed it.
  2. No issues with directx went thru it's self diagnostic and verified I was up to date.
  3. Ok I took a screen shot.But it won't let me post it lol. Ok so the shapes rotate around the screen sort of like you are looking down a tunnel, with the vanishing point being the center of the screen. Not limited to any colors and not coming from objects. It also happens in different viewers. I have tried both the standard and emerald viewers and get the same problem.
  4. Nope my card isn't on that list. And according to the system requirements I have one that should work. Everytime I log in I get a bunch of colored triangles and squares flying thru the screen and then it either kills the computer or kills the viewer with out any error messages.
  5. I have an ATI Radeon 9500/9700. I just updated the driver software to the newest available. Some legacy thing, and now everytime I try to log on the graphics go crazy and crash the viewer or computer. Please help.
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