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  1. How can I get a log of group invites that includes the source of the invite? I have a real problem. I keep ejecting an AV but sombody keeps inviting the AV back - probably an Alt. I don't want to shut down invites - that would not be fair to the rest of the group and I don't have enough group officers to handle the invites either :(
  2. I am co-owner of a few groups. In two of them, another owner ejected all members. I did not have a member list (still don't know how to get one) and I was not online at the time so no IM log of the ejects. The 300+ members were ejected as an intentional and malicious harassment of another AV - I have already made an RA of the situation.... But that does not get the members back. I've been looking and researching and inviting as much as I can - but still only have about 25% of the members re-invited and 0% clue on where to go for technical help to get the member list. Any clue? Or is the member list lost forever?
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