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  1. As an MBA and higher educator, may I welcome Mr. Humble and point out that currently the most sustainable asset and most ignored, is that of higher education. Please take note of this fast-growing demographic, one with budget to purchase sims and introduce young learners to 3-D virtual spaces through the use of credit courses and cultural events, with professionals behind them. Mark Atkinson
  2. I am from Wyoming Entrepreneur Island. What a slap in the face to have our prices doubled, or increased at all. Our island has encouraged a great deal of people to join Second Life and this is the thanks we get? We have also capitalized numerous funds building this teaching/learning facility and were just about to develop an incubator for RL entrepreneurs. But that will likely change. It must. OpenSim is looking better despite some of its current shortcomings. My reaction here is knee jerking, I know, but wow what a shot of icy water. This news is worthy of much social media and bloggi
  3. Great way to put it. Remove education and you are left with porn. Great comment.
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