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  1. MacBook Pro with upgraded video and ram and you will never have a problem running SL or any other game for that matter again!! As far as the wireless thing goes I have heard of many people talking about how wireless will cause all kinds of problems, I so far in my situation have not had a problem with that. Furthermore I found out the other day that somehow I had gotten connected to someone's wireless signal from another home nearby that did not have security on it. I had been connected to it for a few days and did not notice any difference whatsoever. So as far as wireless or wire I would just make sure you have a good fast connection and I am sure you will be fine! Hope this helps
  2. If you go into the finder, then go to Library>Application Support>Second Life>User_Settings It may be best to copy that and put it on your desktop and then delete the folder in case for some reason you need to have it again. Once you have your system logging again then delete from your desktop Hope this helps you with your problem!
  3. I was wondering how long before it would happen, it can't mean "Practicing Attorney", please don't let it be!
  4. http://www.dominodesigns.info/node/95 I had trouble getting the Primstar part of the package to install right on my mac, which is the part that makes Blender work with SL, this page helped me get it installed correctly! I hope it helps you with your problem :smileyhappy:
  5. Reduce your script count :smileyvery-happy: by deleting the scripts in your shoes and other wearable prims with scripts inside once you have got them to fit you right and also have made a copy of the item first!!
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