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  1. Just went to the link you gave me downloaded the viewer and on the MAD enabled sims with that viewer you cant upload or see anything you have created with the MAD viewer. So the confusion continues there are multiple viewers that are the latest for the specific sim you are going to be working in? Also when you go to about it is not listed as a MAD viewer logged back with the 232588 MAD viewer and upload model is available as well as all my mesh left on sim, Mesh Sandbox 20
  2. They are only four sandboxes on the MAD viewer upload. I am not sure about any of the others. 20, 21, 27, 28 and I believe 20 was down with the dddddddddd for some time yesterday not sure about now. edit 232588 is the latest version it was compiled yesterday at 2:11 am Here is link for latest one: http://automated-builds-secondlife-com.s3.amazonaws.com/hg/repo/mesh-asset-deprecation/rev/232588/index.html
  3. I have found that when on Aditi that sometimes the model upload wont show either when you first log on or even after you have been uploading sometimes it will just disappear. If you walk around the sim or log off and back on it "should" show up. Also if you look in the navigation bar and before the the sandbox number it says dddddddddddMesh Sandbox 20 it is not up at the moment, Runitai may have shut it down for work on it or they may be some other reason it isn't online for uploads. Hope this helps with your problem
  4. I believe that is and F, the same as in the beginning of the video. Nice for you first video you did well One tip I might give you is if you go to your camera setting and set your transition time to be higher you should notice that your camera moves slower more like a cinema panning. I usually keep mine a little up just to smooth out the jerky ness for building keep up the good work!
  5. I am a bit new here with mesh costs and such but from just a purely logical standpoint "most" people in SL have very few prims available for use on there land or skybox. The size limitation of a prim is daunting but no matter what the size from .01 to 10 meters its still one prim. To have something that a resident simply resizes go up in prim cost so much seems like going completely backwards in the saving of lag due to prim counts. Unless for some reason the prim cost of a sculpty and the prim cost of a mesh have absolutely nothing in common with the current system of prim counts with scultpted and regular prims.
  6. When I signed up I tried so many sites to try to get the name onE Zero. As I would go from site to site one by one it would tell me name no longer available. So I guess someone has that name I have yet to see them but that would be my favorite its all just ones and zeros right???
  7. all uploads are going through the uploader, numbers are showing as far as upload but nothing shows in inventory. Other sandboxes same thing
  8. why do polygonal objects only upload as mesh and not nurbs???
  9. Uploaded test avatar arm, took multiple tries to get the uploader to work with the same input information. Finally uploaded and worked. When I TP to another sandbox arm is not visible anymore but showing as worn in inventory. Detach and wear again still doesn't show. TP back to original creation sandbox crash. Log back on to original creation sandbox test arm shows, TP to another sandbox, test arm does not show even though showing as worn in my inventory.
  10. Well I guess that is the reason for beta test to get these kind of bugs worked out I found that logging directly to one of the sandboxes helped be to be able to move around and upload models instead of my last location. Don't know if this will help or not
  11. Yes Falied, I would see your name appear then disappear as you would try to re-log, I was thinking to myself while on mesh grid you could use the display name Failed Login until they get it fixed!
  12. I have the same thing with the model upload as well but for me it is coming and going as I walk around the sim. When I first logged back on I didn't have it I walked about 20 meters in same sim and it was available. When switching from sim to sim I have lost it as well, just so you know I am on the mac version of the beta-viewer I don't know if that makes a difference or not
  13. All meshes uploaded fine I just had the problem of when I logged off and returned, my uploads were no longer visible or selectable although they are there cause I can bump into them Great work so far cant wait for mesh on main grid!!
  14. I found with some of my builds that are larger, if I left the linksets very large with lots of prims in each one so maybe like two or three linksets that the builders buddy took longer to set the pieces where they were supposed to go. If I broke the build up into smaller pieces with less prims per linkset it would just bounce instantly into place. Not sure if this is what your experiencing but I hope it helps
  15. And another thank you Luc!! You are on a role today!!
  16. Thank you Luc you can never have tooo many Blender tuts Hope your having a great day!!
  17. Let me answer you more directly. Even though you are rude when people are trying to help you. Before you post again you should think about that. No I have not been able to get the exporter to work maybe someone else has. If you would like to use Maya to make your sculpts and txt's you can, just do it in the format I described. I hope this helps you with your problem. Just so you know after working with Maya extensively I have found the features of Primstar which is in Blender to be far superior for making SL sculpties. Maya I am sure is good for other things, there just isn't someone like Domino writhing scripts for Maya to do all the cool things Primstar and Blender will do for you!
  18. All you need do is run the .mel script on the export that you are doing and it will generate the .tga that you need to make the prim inWorld. It will not be to size but you can resize it in world. One thing to keep in mind that you will need to make your prims according to the rules of vertices and faces in SL for them to look right inWorld. You can find the .mel script in the wiki if you search SL sculptie export from Maya. Hope this helps with your problem
  19. There are many reasons why you could be experiencing the problem. If you go to this website and follow the Blender trail you will get insight into how a SL sculptie will need to be made in order for it to look good inWorld. Hope this helps with your problem http://blog.machinimatrix.org/ Look under the Sculpties tab then Beginner Basics and that should help you with your probems
  20. Sculpting on a Mac is just as easy as on a PC or even easier There is a great inWorld sculpting tool called Sculpt Studio it is a little pricy on Lindens and since you said you were limited on funds then Blender is the way to go. It is a little difficult to get the free version installed on a mac but there is good help on how to get it done. Here is a link to the Machinimatrix site which is a great resource for not only installing the program but also using from a beginner stand point all the way to advanced, I've linked you to the tutorials but if you just go to the home page you will find the downloads for install: http://blog.machinimatrix.org/3d-creation/video-tutorials/ And here is a link that will help you get it installed when you are having problems, this link is also good resource for blender as well but I feel you should start with Machinimatrix: http://www.blender.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=70779&sid=c8ccd843623ce74c5aab27a930cd8952 If you need further assistance don't hesitate to contact me I would be glad to help get you started with blender on your Mac Hope this helps with getting you started in the wonderful world of sculpting guY
  21. Luskwood is one place that I know of hope this helps
  22. Is that the the i7 Mac but then just with regular video and ram? From what I understand you have to have the upgraded video and ram on a MacBook to make it work with SL. When I bought mine I asked if they could allow me to sign onto my SL account to see how it worked, they had to bring a computer from the back with the right specs to show me. I ended up getting that same configuration, it is not the basic model. The only thing it may be is that the computer is set to run on power savings in the system profiler. Check your energy saver settings and make sure you have your computer is set to run on higher performance and not better battery life. This made SL for me run amazing it worked good at first and about a month after playing I found that I thought I was in heaven hope this helps with your problem!
  23. I understand how you feel about the fear of not knowing where everything is like you know on a PC. The MacStore has a great service called One-To-One, it costs $99.00 at the time of your computer purchase but is well worth it if you've been a PC person, it will allow you to attend Mac classes at the store and to ask any question you want about your Mac and will help with any of the problems you have as far as how to use it in a basic mode or advanced! You will find very quickly that Windows is made after Mac not the other way around and that it is very intuitive I hope with whatever you choose you have a great SL experience.
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