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  1. Sounds like your on the right track, you may have already tried this but one way you can test out your UV map is to place a checker texture on it while you are still working in either Maya preferably or Blender and if it looks funky there then its probably something to do with your UV map. Squares should be close to even sizes and very minimal warping or bending like this.
  2. What seems utterly frustrating to me, although we haven't seen the final settlement of the cost which is PeW and the actual Linden cost, is the fact that that bowling pin example, and I am sure you would agree, would be an utterly easy 1 prim sculpt and possible could get double that number of pins and still be one prim. Under the current account system that is a difference of 60Ls at upload which is quite significant. So a person who plans on only building sculpties as the system is changed to the new accounting system will see quite a significant impact on the building resources on the first day of the rollout and will have done nothing at all, other than make what a lot of people see as evil sculpties something which has been designed by LL as a way to get content inWorld. With that in mind if they were the person building this bowling pin array out of sculpties one day it would cost 10Ls next day same sculpt would cost 70Ls or 120Ls, I just don't see how that can be justified even if it is going to make a seriously significant difference in lag. It means what people have been doing for years and sort of praised for it now are going to be punished for building that way. All of this doesn't even take into account when the person rezzes it on their land and resizes that cost goes up again not in upload charges that will have already been paid, but rather now it will affect the parcel prim limit and their cost associated with that if they want to still keep everything they have on their land and still have same prim overhead. Ultimately "mesh" which was being praised as this new awesome, great, creatively expansive thing, seems is turning into a way for LL to make more money not only on the new availability of mesh but also and even more so on the system they have had in place for years. [edited] So yes I hope it is a bug and is off by quite a few points
  3. Absolutely Marcthur just when you think you found just about every function. another will pop up and your like why couldn't I have found that a way long time ago
  4. I guess you would call it a function of Maya. If you navigate on your edit tab to Level of Detail you will find group and ungroup. If you create a LOD group you can adjust the distance at which the camera will switch between the different LODs, the default setting is probably a little farther than what you would want it normally.
  5. Agreed and Gaia made a good comment on the fact that if a owner (non-creator) needed to make a size adjustment on the mesh that the creator did not intend with his pre set up LOD group then adjustment at upload would be a good thing as well as having it available for read from the .dae file.
  6. guY Ralior

    LOD groups Maya

    If LOD groups are created within Maya and you set the LOD switching to wear you want it, does the SL uploader recognize that or does the SL engine have its own LOD switching set so that you cannot have any control over it?
  7. About your question of does Zbrush smooth out the sculpt as does Mudbox. I am not sure what you are trying to achieve "hard edged" but it seems that keeping the file just in Maya should give you the hard edge you are looking for. You mention you get stuff looking good then go up another level and it all smooths out. That is what both Zbrush and Mudbox do by the nature of what the program is designed for. You bring in a low poly model and enhance it with textures that are made off of million + poly models then apply those to your low poly model. Or you can just sculpt right in the program itself, but most of the time it is done at higher resolutions than the model that you brought in, so to answer your question no Zbrush will not keep your model hard edge unless you sculpt it that way, and you can do the same with Mudbox. So unless you are looking for more of a sculpting program then Mudbox there is no need to get Zbrush. It is basically a highly specialized 2.5D painting sculpting program with a lot more features than Mudbox, Mudbox came out to try to take Zbrush market but it will be quite a few years and maybe never that it will happen hope this helps with your problem
  8. In Maya under your lighting tab uncheck two sided lighting. This will show the side that would be invisible in SL as being black. You can easily get that with extruding or scaling. After your model is complete any faces that are showing as black just select them and then go to normals reverse and your good hope this helps with your problem
  9. I may be able to help with your first question but have no idea on the second Here is a link to the forum archive Maya best practices thread which has a skeleton provided by Reed Steamroller that should import for you. If for some reason it doesn't you could export the skeleton from the avatar.blend file to collada and then bring it into max. There is some other info in that thread that may be helpful for you as well, hope this helps with your problem!! [edited] woops sorry forgot link http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Mesh-Best-Practices-Maya/td-p/182772
  10. One thing you can do is put zero weight on all the bones that aren't associated with whatever attachment you are trying to make and see if that helps with your export.
  11. Ahh understood on how it weighs against the tier or land fee a person would pay I was just for a moment thinking you were meaning there was going to be a charge for them like each month somehow, that was going to stop me in my tracks from thinking any type of mesh was going to be viable I work with a smaller prim allowance so for me it is very important how it all adds up as far as static inWorld objects
  12. Drongle McMahon wrote: We are talking a lot here about prim costs, henceforth to be called PEwts, in a rather abstract fashion, as perhaps befits a virtual world. However, it may be a reaonable to look at this with a bit of hard-nosed realism. What do prims really cost? To most residents, their tier payment, whether that be direct or through rent pid to a landlord, is for buying prims. Granted there is a little more to land than that, but that does seem to be the overriding consideration. People even buy tiny parcels to add to their prims and nothing else. Now the marginal monthly tier per prim varies between 1.3 cents, for the owner of a full mainland region, to 4.2, for a humble pemium to expand his free 512. For estates, which are the vast majority of land, it is 2 cents for the landlord and therefore more for his tennants. So it is conservative to use the 2 cent figure*. Most will be paying more, and we will let the difference cover the other land related benefits. That means that my gallery, at 250 PEwts, is going to cost me (or you!) 5 US$ per month to keep on the main grid. That's 60 US$ a year, before I put anything in it. I find that a rather sobering calculation. *Of course, as far as resource consumption is concerned this really includes a rather large subsidy for everyone else's attachments, but that is a different question. Does this mean that with mesh items you pay a fee for them after the initial upload charge? If that is the case of course the answer is obvious on what to use no matter how much it strains the server to use sculpties.
  13. Wow there is a place in the program where it will tell me how many "quads" = faces (which could be N-gons too, F-2=t) = 2 triangles?? Man and I have been hating the tedious task of always recounting after adding a few new loops I'm gonna spend some time today and find that!!! It will be a real life saver
  14. IMHO the latest release of Firestorm which is called the public beta is really good. It has all the features from the V1 style viewer that "most" hardcore users would call good, and if you are needing things beyond that that the V1 viewer had in it I would think that you are good enough to be able to work with the code to get it to do what you want anyway, it's open source after all for you to do with as you wish as long as it has the things LL is requiring to be an official TPV.
  15. I was thinking 5000 quads would be a nice middle ground top, it's real easy to go above but the need is just not there. On a human avatar (btw your feet are great ) for sure 2500-3000 will be enough its seems the ears is the only place it gets a little dense for their size but for us furry brethren the need for a few more quads in the paw areas and maybe some for the head and ears to get some detail is needed. And if you were wanting to do something like and aged person with wrinkles and such you should still be able to get away with the 5000 give or take a few depending on if how far you needed to see the wrinkles where close weren't covering. I guess that leaves us with how many quads for a total outfit and hair??.........hmmm that one will be a debate I'm sure once the main grid gets mesh
  16. What would be a fair number of quads for the high_level LOD to contain? I am looking for what would not be the staunchest low number giving full leeway to the server, but more a middle number that would be fair for allowing to detail your avatar with what you want but not going overboard such that you are taxing the server at ever moment.
  17. If I understand you correctly in your latter description you would be able to use textures similar to those billboards that are different pictures from different angles? That seems like it would be kinda useful in certain situations, I am surprised it hasn't been used. [edited] reply supposed to be to Daniel
  18. It seems to me with this system of not holding a single place as a single place that when you want to make something very detailed texture wise using the locations they have set out for their uploader leaves your model with an extremely high cost which doesn't seem to make the use of mesh worth while. But I guess I will keep in mind what Runitai said, prim count does not equal mesh cost.
  19. After two days of intense reading I think I am finally starting to get it Thank you much for that diagram it helped me to understand much better. As I was reading all of these things before it was hard to put it together how it pertained to one individual upload, that made things much more concise. Thank you.
  20. I had a similar problem this morning in MS20. I had been using the MAD viewer and was uploading and seeing everything in sim no probs, but then after reading the Mesh meeting notes they said all sim were up to date on the new viewer so I updated and at first I had a very hard time just logging on. I did a clean install so there was no conflicting cache issue. I tried re-logging with the MAD viewer and same thing. Also no upload model option and no way to leave MS20 and I couldn't see anything in it not even the big sheet or huge avatars. I then uninstalled both viewers did another clean install of the latest mesh viewer not mad and after like 4 attempts to re-log on the 5th one I logged as if nothing was wrong all mesh was visible as well as my worn mesh witch I couldn't see on any of the other previous logs. The model upload was available and I was able to upload with no probs. It seems as if sometimes when you log or even when you are already logged on, that the servers aren't recognizing the mesh viewer and causing almost a crash state that you are left in. Hope this helps with your issue
  21. My rig is the standard SL avatar rig unadjusted. If I select smooth bind it doesn't include all extremity bones in the bind. They are also not included into the component editor when the bind is completed. I am not sure how to add them there if that is possible but could find out if it is. When I do a interactive bind they also are not weighted although they do show up in the list within the tool settings. Thank you for letting me know its possible I will dig further in my understanding of manually skinning within Maya. [Edited] I was able to locate within the component editor the unweighted bones and get them properly weighted, and now all are working, thank you again for letting me know it was possible
  22. Why is that when you skin weight an avatar mesh in Blender 2.49b you can skin weight to the mSkull, mRightEye, mLeftEye, mWristRIght, mWristLeft, mToeRIght, and mToeLeft bones but in Maya you cannot? Is there some type of handle that needs to go on those bones so they can be weighted? I guess it would be possible to weight everything but those bones in Maya then export to Blender weight just the extremity bones then export to SL, but I would much rather just stay within Maya if possible :D
  23. Thank you so much for the explanation, I am still trying to completely understand but it seems like there is more to the problem to be resolved
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