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  1. I normally set the spinner to the same normal angle I have set within the 3D editing program, which is never 75. Are you saying that if you didn't set the normals in your program that you can set them via the spinner? I haven't seen that work on the simple cylinder test I was doing back when I was working on my pipeline, is that something that has changed or the smooth it provides is not smooth at all
  2. The uploader will not get rid of your normal data nore will it generate some for you if you have none there.
  3. If you use the advanced uploader you will see the normal angle is set to 75deg by default, which you can change if you like. You of course must have normals smoothed in your 3D editor as well for you to see them inWorld. Hope this helps
  4. Agreed on the Unity import and it doesn't cost a dime when you drag and drop it
  5. I do think that you tube would work as well, when I was making records there was no you tube
  6. I would think that a picture of something you made posted in the forums would work as a poormans copyright. It is timed and dated. When I made my first record this is what we did to ensure that when we shopped our record around we weren't just gonna have some record company say they don't like it and then have another band put it together. We took a copy of our record and and sent it to ourselves in a sealed envelope with the date we created it and of course it would be postmarked. Once you receive it you don't open it and if you have a issue you can use that in court as proof you made the record at that time, unless someone else can prove you stole it from them first it's called a poormans copyright. I would think a picture on the forum could do the same??
  7. Excellent first attempt for sure, a couple of things I can say that might help include first making sure you set your normal angle to achieve a smooth mesh and secondly all of the rest is weighting and bone position as another poster has said. You also wanna follow the rule of three on each bending joint which basically means you have three loops at each bending spot. The two outside loops help to hold the shape of the "body part" while the middle loop gives you something to bend and deform on. Smoothing your weights along these areas while the joint is bent will help you to achieve a better looking animation hope this helps you!
  8. Ah now I get you sorry for the confusion well how I do it is if you need extreme detail in one area and not another I would make that UV shell bigger than ones you maybe have just a solid color on or something similarly simple. Then make your map a reasonable size maybe 512 x 512 and see how it looks. If you aren't getting the detail you want break the UV map up into multiple maps such that you can get the detail you are looking for in them, but also doing what I described above when you are nesting your shells. Hope this helps (edited) you can also stack UVs that will have same texture to save space on your map
  9. I'm not sure if your asking how to actually apply the materials or how to just see them in max? When you say how to render to texture, I'm assuming you have applied the materials and aren't sure how to apply textures to the materials. In your hypershade or whatever it's called in max you want to add 2d texture from file to the material and then navigate to the texture you have already made elsewhere. Then once it's applied in the "hypershade" make sure you have texture rendering turned on to see it in max.
  10. You want to apply a material to each face that you want to have a different texture on and you can have up to 8 materials per object which translates to 8 textures per object. I think that is what your asking for and I hope this helps
  11. I think having the group is a good thing beyond just the initial requirement, and will allow for exchange of information about mesh and problems people are having in real time.
  12. guY Ralior


    Agreed now we can see our normal friends list it is a happy day!
  13. Gaia has covered your questions thoroughly, but I have one thing I would like to add that might help you out. You said you spend days modeling something only to find out that it wont upload and you don't why, I would offer this to you as an alternative. Make sure you have you workflow down first before you spend a lot of time modeling something with every detail. For example if you are working on a pair of rigged shoes, make a simple cube and add some loops to it and quickly shape it to look like a boxy shoe, then do your weighting and upload. If you are able to get that into SL then the same will hold true for your highly detailed model as long as your modeling with proper modeling techniques, but that sounds like that is the case with 15 years experience If you cant get that imported, work on figuring out what is wrong with that upload weather its file output, file contents, or some type of compatibility problem. Once you have solved that you will most likely solve the problem for other uploads.
  14. Awesome to hear I am going to have to do some tests today thank you for the info when I was scaling the skeleton before I was getting some really strange inWorld shapes. My avatar arms would be really crazy looking or my middle would be stretched out but I think it was cause I was scaling it too much on certain bones instead of keeping it even across the skeleton.
  15. Nice thank you, so as long as you don't change the relationship scale between the bones and scale the whole thing it works, great to know!!
  16. I am not sure about to other people but mine stays invisible to me until I re-log or wait a really long time like 30 minutes or more but sometimes it wont show unless I re-log.
  17. My question is how did you decompose the skeleton to fit your tiny avatar? Voted on the jira btw
  18. artons looks way more like a real boat proportionally than the one from turbo squid what an insult to post that
  19. Everything starts with a step and this seems like a step in the right direction. I agree it should be for people who are on marketplace or have stores inWorld as well.
  20. Second Life 2.8.0 (235495) Jul 12 2011 14:36:14 (Project Viewer - Mesh)Release Notes You are at 204957.0, 178232.0, 22.9 in Mesh Sandbox 27 located at sim7011.aditi.lindenlab.com ( Experimental Notes CPU: Intel® Core2 Duo CPU P8800 @ 2.66GHz (2660 MHz)Memory: 4096 MBOS Version: Mac OS X 10.6.8 Darwin 10.8.0 Darwin Kernel Version 10.8.0: Tue Jun 7 16:33:36 PDT 2011; root:xnu-1504.15.3~1/RELEASE_I386 i386Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA CorporationGraphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT OpenGL Engine OpenGL Version: 2.1 NVIDIA-1.6.36 libcurl Version: libcurl/7.21.1 OpenSSL/0.9.8q zlib/1.2.5 c-ares/1.7.1J2C Decoder Version: KDU v6.4.1Audio Driver Version: FMOD version 3.750000Qt Webkit Version: 4.7.1 (version number hard-coded)Voice Server Version: Not ConnectedBuilt with GCC version 40001Packets Lost: 482/46371 (1.0%) My location shown above, some notes on the test, sometimes the time it takes to show info is a minute or so so on the ones that I was receiving 0 PE I waited 5 minutes each for the info to show in edit floater remained zero and also I have seen that before when I am inspecting peoples builds to see how many PE it is or who made it Upload,Streaming Cost,PE 3.118,3.1,3 3.118,3.1,3 3.406,3.4,3 3.200,3.2,0 3.671,3.7,4 3.186,3.2,3 3.124,3.1,3 4.128,4.1,0 3.544,3.5,4 3.129,3.1,3 I don't have the privilege of being able to rez in Mesh City but I hope this helps
  21. IMHO i believe the problem you are talking about is one of the beauties of mesh, that things are different and not standardized. If that was the case we would have what we have now, it would just be a mesh avatar. I would think it would be easy to work one of two ways either you will have people that will be creating avatars and clothes and skins from one creator that would be kinda like his/her trademark it will be a separator of good and bad content so to speak, when people start buying and preferring one certain "brand". Or you will have people that will be creating "base avatar kits" that would include the avatar shape and UVmaps and maybe even shape points if we get to that or just alternate shapes or facial expressions, such that actually seller could use it as his much like build kits are now that you see on the marketplace for shoes or clothes or whatever. But one thing for sure having some sort of standard avatar would be very limiting for content creators. This is not to say that creating avatar 2.0 wouldn't be a good idea cause its not creating just a standard avatar, cause if it achieves what it seems people are looking for with it, it will have a whole new bone structure and ability to change scale of skeleton along with all the other improvements of the base avatar mesh we have now. Which would give us even more freedom to create much different shapes human and non-human as well as avatar vehicles and such.
  22. O no worries, thank you for the reply, I am just glad to know I wasn't missing something It moves fine once it's inWorld, thats what matters most.
  23. I see all these pics and videos of people that are uploading rigged meshes and in the upload floater the avatar moves as they move inWorld, and the configuration is opposite to mine. Has something changed within the configuration or is that just the way it is on a mac? As you can see my arm is up and head kinda down and no movement in floater.
  24. Not sure if you are having the same issue but now when I upload rigged meshes I can't tick joint positions anymore. If I do when I upload it, it uploads fine but once I try to wear it, it sends me to orbit (solid blue screen not sure if that is what its called) then if I take it off I'm right back on the region. It used to be that I could tick joint positions or not and I couldn't tell any difference in the upload, but now you cant have that ticked. I am sure I am not doing anything different on output of file or upload.
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