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  1. Go into your preferences and then to your kinematics tab you will see joint size there, it is currently set to 1, change that to .03. As for the Z up that also is in preferences when you select settings it is on that page you can either have Y as is defualt or Z as you want it for SL. Good luck and I hope this helps happy rigging!
  2. I don't know if you have already been to this site but there is some valuable information on rigging in blender. http://blog.machinimatrix.org/3d-creation/blender-meshes-trail/rigg-your-avatar/ I do most of my work in Maya so I am not sure of the state of the moment but from what I understand if you are exporting rigged mesh you have to use 2.49b at the moment until the collada exporter in 2.58 is supported by SL.
  3. Here is a link with a skeleton attached to the first post from Reed Steemroller. It is in .ma format all you will have to do before you import is make sure that you set your joint size in kinematics to .03 then the skeleton will work for you. Also change your view orientation to Z up as how SL is. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Mesh-Best-Practices-Maya/td-p/182772 I wouldn't use the one from Wiz Daxter but that is just me, I know he offers a free version but there is no need for any plugin or addition to maya for you to use a skeleton and trying to get Ls for something that should be free just doesn't seem right to me. Hope this helps you Here is another link to something someone put on the wiki about rigging in maya if you need some help on understanding what the flow is, as there is also some other good info on that in the thread I linked above as well. Rigging a Mesh in Maya
  4. Good explintation and links arton thank you
  5. I believe I found the same avatar you are speaking of and I only found the one myself as well, which I know for sure is not an IP violation as we saw the person making it through posts on this forum. I also found a handful of things offered in mesh some of which including the avatar we are speaking about that had excellent descriptions of what the person is buying so they can make an informed decision. So I was just wondering where these gobs of IP infringements are?
  6. But we got a feedback from LL that the name "face" has already been put into so many places in the code, in LSL, in the documentations, everywhere, that it will becpome impossible to change it. Hence the idea to "tag" them: model face -> what 3D modellers name "face" texture face -> what 3D modellers name (poor mans) "material" Well that really makes it hard doesn't it? So then "texture face" is coming about from the fact that LL has already put that into the code? But I guess what LL calls them and what we refer to them as builders and such doesn't have to be the same, although as you get deeper into it that could change and become more confusing.
  7. You aren't able to provide links to avatars that are for sale on the marketplace? How is that a violations of the TOS? I am asking you to provide links for mesh avatars, I can only find one, which hardly accounts for gobs of stuff. Supposingly they would be the ones violationg the TOS as you have stated not you for simply providing links to avatars that are available for sale on the marketplace.
  8. Do you mind providing a link to the gobs of blatant IP violations? This is the second time someone has said something like this and I don't know if something is wrong with my search but I can find barely a handful of anything that is mesh. I was thinking people were being very good and not putting mesh up for sale yet as LL is asking us to do, until the full rollout. I would like to see what people are talking about. As far as the vehitars provided by LL in the library I am not going to comment as I do not know what rights LL holds to stuff or how much they have made sure the precentage of change from original is enough to not warrent IP infringement.
  9. I think your missing what she is saying, as I am sure you know, as you step outside of SL specific tutorials and information there is a common thread of knowledge that is exchangeable weather you are talking about Maya, 3DS Max, Z Brush, or even Blender to some extent. If you go on the Area or CG talk people can answer questions and exchange knowledge cause of the standard of vocabulary associated to 3D modeling. If someone who is a regular at the Area came here to start learning mesh in SL they would be constantly learning what is being talked about and what that means specific to SL. I think a good way to help this situation is, taking this case for example, instead of calling it a texture face, call it what it is a material assignment, and in SL that is what defines the texture boarders. IMHO this would make people start to understand that you can learn way more about modeling once you step out of SL specific tutorials and learn how to apply 3D Modeling in general to the way SL works. This way creating assets for games would be what you are doing, and adjusting them to SL specifications, not just making mesh for SL. Also the learning curve to a platform like Unity, or even other games similar to SL would be much easier than now for someone who has only had experience with SL.
  10. I agree about the brushes especially clay, the way it scultps and the way is adds geometry for Zbrush, it is just the view manipulation is so backwards from other 3D applications that I cant get confortable enough with it to use it over Mudbox. I am always flipping the thing the wrong way or get so turned around I can't get back to normal front view without the hotkey which frames it
  11. Don't forget the UV Master plugin for Zbrush it is actually pretty nice and works almost like Headus or another stand alone pelter. I don't use Z brushas I much as I use Mudbox as it just seems to work better together with Maya for me although I love Z spheres and modeling with them just for relaxation. You can also once you get good with Z spheres model very nicely around the integrated armature, not that this is me as of yet cause I just can't get that good of a hold on the view manipulation as I can with Mudbox.
  12. One of the problems I forsee here is that modeling for sculpts and mdoeling for mesh are two very different things and to include both of them in the same forum header would be very confusing when you were trying to learn how to do either one from the begining. For people that are more experienced it wouldn't be much a problem to sift through whatever you weren't looking for and may learn some things from one to other without realizing it but for a noob I don't belive so.
  13. I have had that problem before on my macbook pro where it wont show the upload option, I do not know if it is specific to mac or just a regular problem however I have found this to fix it, I know you said you have but make sure you have the latest viewer installed with a clean install, meaning remove all other viewers, associated files and caches from you computer before installing the latest viewer. Then once you log on wait untill all your inventory downloads every last thing, once it does if you do not have the upload option available you can either wait a bit and it will show up or just relog and it should be there as soon as you relog and your inventory downloads again if not immediately. Hope this helps
  14. One thing that I have found that makes Blender tollerable is changing the default setting of trackball to turntable. Turntable is a much more stable view manipulation IMHO. Hope this helps you
  15. Have the same on the Darwin viewer as well.
  16. Much the same as a sculpt, mesh has only one side so you must ensure that your normals are pointed in the correct direction and all the same way. To fix this you would select your picketes and reverse the normal direction and this should fix your problem. What you have now is the normals pointed towards the inside. In your editing program you should have an option to show normal direction, or possibly one sided faces so that the ones that would be transparant in SL would also be in your editing program. Hope this helps
  17. There is a know problem that when some people finish the tutorial it shows that they have not finished the tutorial. There are a few other threads where people are talking about it and Charlar said they know of the problem and they are working on a fix. Also remember that there are two tutorials to be taken one for Aditi and one for Agni, when you are taking the tutorial you can look at the top of the webpage and it will tell you which grid you are on. Edited: changed test to tutorial, see below
  18. My first guess would be that you used rigid binding. Try using smooth binding, classic linear, you can do it interactive or not and see how that works. Hope this helps Edited: Woops should have thought of what Runitai said first, this would only happen if you had skin weights checked on the modifiers tab, and then uploaded with the wrong binding method.
  19. Wow way sweet, then if you are able to get a not perfect but exceptable weight map now then with that on the viewer side you would have an excellent result, I am so glad they are looking into it that would be a nice feature.
  20. Well that's encouraging to hear it was working for you the most part
  21. I can't seem to recall where I saw it, I looked around some for and couldn't relocate it sorry but if I recall correctly it does have something to do with mesh and a Linden was aware of the issue and working on it. If I find where I saw it I will post it up here for you. On the return to Leopard, without a future time machine backup yes it is quite time consuming to get everything re-installed. I had a similar problem when I had a sudden hard drive failure, and now I keep time machine just for that reason. I recommend installing operating system all software you use and all current updates for software and back that up as your first backup and that gives you like a base you can work from if you ever install plugins or something that makes your system work funky then your back to total fresh. I do a backup every 10 days still but I like having that base and if I install a few new programs or something I'm gonna keep I redo my base when I have some spare time. Hope this help
  22. I have heard there is issues with Lion right now I do not know the Jira number but there is one started about it. I was gonna upgrade from Snow Leopard but I'm waiting till the bugs are fixed
  23. Way above my head but the one thing I noticed was that the plugin for Maya only goes to version 8.5 and the implementation in Blender link was down but it looks like it comes out with a much better result on the weight map.
  24. Thanks so much guys I'm gonna have to run to more tests to make sure that I have not been over ridding my normal smooth within the editing program by setting the spinner accordingly. I thought I had ruled that out but I need to make sure
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