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  1. I have this silly school girl crush on Patch Linden  I can never get to any of his events due to time of the day etc.   He's ssssssooooooooooooooooooo cute   I'd actually be very nervous to meet him....  He is a very nice person it seems.

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  2. Hi !   I have my land deeded to a group.  Is it possible to deed it to a different group or 'undeed' it?  I tried this once before and ran into problems < double tier> One of the Lindens told me how to undo a deeded group, but sadly, I can't find the notes and conversation I took on it.   Any help would be appreciated,  Thank you!


  3. Thank you all.. I did place a wall in front of the offending wall, but each time I do, they stretch their wall beyond it so that it still shows... Hopefully Lindens will come see it and work some magic.  I hope.   Thank you all again for all the ideas and kind words.   ~daq

  4. hi Lindal, thankyou  I did file an abuse report, so I wanted to keep the sign up in case the Lindens needed to see what I'm talking about.  All my settings are set how you said.  Im just so frustrated...  I've been in SL for over 14 yrs and I'm at the point I want to leave..  I don't pay tier for some one else to be placing, or extending their stuff on my land and, now, they are doing it on purpose.  I want to attach a photo of the 'wall' they extended to my land, but it's very crude and I'm not willing to get in trouble for it...  Thank you again for your answers   I appreciate you.   ~daq.


  5. (this is long winded sorry) I own a parcel and a new neighbor  extended some of his belongings on to my parcel. The original prim was on his land so it did not show as prims on my land. I did not ask him to remove them, he was never online < I know i know I could have used an IM but they get capped often>  So I sent the Items back and Put up a wall on my land.  I received an IM from him telling me I had to remove the wall and that I could have asked him to take the stuff off my land. < which i did not do>   The wall I put up is on my land and I told him it was staying. So he built a wall and extended it over the land line  ( I'm not completely sure how he does it>  and he put a big red picture with a hand and the middle finger up that says two words.. One finger.  He proceded to call me a few nasty words in  IM    I've left his wall on my land, because I filed a report with Lindens so If they come, they can see it also.  How do I prevent him from extending his items over into my land? I have all the settings right..  He puts the main prim on his land and then  turns it, or extends it and then it is on my land.   The person who sold him the land also told me, the new neighbor will be doing sex slave sales on the land < it is moderate land> Is this allowed?   Thanks for any answers  I've been in SL for over 14 yrs and have never had this kind of issues with any neighbors


    On 12/18/2018 at 9:50 AM, Alyona Su said:

    NOTE: The reason for my rhetoric is this: Remember that all sales in SL are 100% FINAL. There is no exchanging, no refunds, except for those very few creators willing to go beyond the norm; Linden Dollars is real money. So it hurts in a real sense when buyers' remorse becomes happens. So we shop carefully.

    You merchants need to get a clue. Seriously.

    FAIR NOTICE: This may appear as a rant against you creators who fall into this category, though I don't see it this way. I'm not angry with you at all. I see this as doing you a favor to help you increase your sales.

    Other than a brand name on the wall, this is the entire sales display (brand name avoided intentionally) of a "booth" at the Winter Shopping even 2018 (which makes it an even worse "offense", the way I see it:


    That's it. Nothing else anywhere. Zip, zilch, nada.

    • What is it called?
    • How much?
    • Which mesh bodies does it work with?
    • What (if any) features?
    • How does it look when worn?

    To get the answers, I went with the very first one (on the left-most of the image):

    • Must get demo
    • Contents of the demo are cryptic (as viewed in the "Copy to Inventory" window):
      • Land Mark
      • An object with the *apparent* name of the item (somewhat cryptic),
      • Notecard titled "Thank You."
      • Notecard titled *About Sizes Included..."
    • Accept the folder into inventory
    • Hunt inventory for folder
    • Read notecards
      • Discover this is for ONE type of mesh body ONLY

    Move-on without bothering even to cam the rest or take the freebie gift, make a note to never think about this brand again.

    OR, if it turns out you do like this and have THAT body:

    • Find out that object is a box
      • Must rez box to unpack
        • in a NO-REZ ZONE
          • Must leave regions to unpack demo
            • If you like it then must return to event location to purchase
              • Try to remember where that item is located, make your way there

    It's not just this event, folks. I am seeing this type of "marketing" more and more at places in-world.

    If you want to make sales, then make it easy as possible for me to give you my money.

    This is the reason I shop almost exclusively on Market Place:

    • No waiting for unoptimized, oversized, over-stylized vendor images to rez
    • Easy to find items made for MY chosen body through meta-searching
    • Easy to read the description because of easy-to-read web font
    • A fast and easy way to grab a demo

    Deal-breakers for certain:

    • No demo, no sale; goodbye forever
    • Have demo, but force me to hunt your in-world location? Unlikely (unless I really like what I see)
    • Not a quality fit on my mesh body (and the reason for demo)
      • Just because you name my body doesn't mean it fits right. If it doesn't, goodbye.
        • I believe I shouldn't have to use alpha slices at all...
          • Unless my AO forces me to...
            • ...and only lower legs, shoulders, boobs, *maybe* butt and hips
    So there you go — a little frank feedback to those of you creators that are trying way too hard to be all fancy-schmancy about it. Stop with the crazy animated vendor pictures, for example, they are annoying and make it harder to evaluate your product advert - especially if there's reading to be had on it. The simple matter is this: I am your target customer; I will pay higher prices for higher quality, and if I like your design, I'll usually opt for the fat-pack. Oh, and I prefer HUD change, not multiple copies in different colors.
    One final note: if you have an inworld store and no Market Place: chances are I'll never even know you exist. If you're that lazy, then do it the way a few other creators do it: Put only demos on your MP store but at least provide a link to that vendor on that page. Don't drop me at the front door of your store and force me to rez the entire place then go on a scavenger hunt to find THAT item. Likely not going to happen.

    having had a business in SL years ago, I find this very rude towards the designer.  People have the right to display how they want.. if you don't like it.. move on....

  7. Kathimac  I messaged you inworld, as I could not log on in here.  I use to make zooby clothes a few years ago, I assume the process is still the same,  If I can help in anyway, please contact me    daquari Stawberry  < no R in stawberry , thats lindens misspell, not mine LOL >


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