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  1. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Meredith Francis wrote: I think cover charges are not a good idea.. basically as it would give people a right of complaint.. and there are to many freaks on SL who will gladly pay 100 Lindens to have days of ultra cheap entertainment playing Linden Lawyer. You don't think people who get in free and don't even tip now don't complain? Obviously you've never owned a club. A club would make money if an owner got paid everytime someone came to them with a silly or unrealistic complaint. This doesn't mean that some complaints are not valid and should be listened t
  2. I love that song! I rarely go to live music, I turn off all radio and don't go to dj events at all. I find music pretty distracting on SL mostly... If I am doing something alone on SL I will put on my owwn music here at home. I love SL to socialize and interact with other ava's. Sometimes we feel at a loss that there is nothing but sex, clubs and shopping. Role play sims have some life often if your up for them. I think cover charges are not a good idea.. basically as it would give people a right of complaint.. and there are to many freaks on SL who will gladly pay 100 Lindens to have d
  3. Thanks Alazarin yeh my stuff wasn't the latest out, I had heard too it takes a while for the drivers to be settled and work properly, I chose a i72600k threaded for photoshop and able to be overclocked really well if I need it.. vid card is 6970 hd radeon. It's a year or so old and was half price of the latest ones and for me is a massive improvement. I actually spent most of my budget on the case, psu,cpu& its cooler and so on.. things I can keep. Aside from it feeling utterly fantastic to use, what I like most is what I have now enough knowlage to never ever have to buy a pre made
  4. I occasionally share with someone who has become good friends... but nevber the actual adress name or so on.. I use voice most of the time so I can hear who I am talking to and I think that has so much to do with getting to know someone.. hearing them talk to you, their tone attitude sincerity etc.
  5. That's excellent you could run windows 7 like that Hats off to you! I took this on mainly wanting some control, so learning how to do it and what it all means, components etc to save me from having to buy bits of *&^% computers from the big stores that fry with in 2 years leaving me high and dry with these hack warentees.. all that. Now I have seen into it I love it and will enjoy spending on it the same way people love to do up a classic car.. But yes as for bargins I do go there in other areas like real life building around my place and clothes.. & other things. Where I live so
  6. I know a lot of people on SL who live their SL from only their tips. I think it's a part of the lifestyle & economy here to tip and happily take tips. A lot would crash with out this mode of money making.
  7. I lean to choice in the matter. Already we are able to be traced via isp cc payments etc.. For me that's more than enough. If it came to "you have to put your real life ID online to have the right to use the net" we've hit the end and I won't be interested. I was talking to my brother the otherday about this, he was telling me, that in response to the attempts at control over the net there's now talk of making a new net running info the same way a torrent or napster would, peer tp peer... I love it!!
  8. Hiya, Yeh I had never heard of needing tp install a bios to a graphics card, but it seems this is what it took.. The Windows dowenload drivers and ATI site drivers just didn't quite work.. I went to Gigabyte who made the ATI card and found the bios installed it and it was fine after that... Weird, ey. As for cpu coolers... *Drum roll* ... I spun out on how beautiful this cooler was.. but it takes up a 1/4 of my case Power supply is a corsair 1200 watts .. so I can run half the house and the local shop from my puter I ran some diagnostics.. prime 95 for an hou
  9. Hi guys... I'm back with a puter I built.. It's beauuuuuuuuuuutiful.. the graphics card makes me feel as if someone put ete glasses on me.. so amazing and I have 2 lovely screens which allow for veiwing in the sun.. big fat cpu I can overclock .. just yummy all of it... took me a while and the boxes of stuff even just sat here for a day or two till I could get the nerve up to start... my brother had to help me a little plugging in to the mo-board and I had a glitch for a week or so as I hadn't installed my graphics card bios.. biut now it is as smooth as a babys bum Thank you for all tha
  10. Oh that's great, I loved the old names.. you could sort of pick era's that people joined via the last name!
  11. Hiya everyone, A huge thank you for this info, tbh it has beat the tech forum I tried before hands down. I've been trawling the net over the past day or so with all this advice formost on my mind. It's even become less agonizing So far have found a very versitile & ultra massive case for 170 $AU & the i72700K is only 370$AU or so here ... so am on the way.. It's a bit like going for your fist drive when you finally worked out how get the clutch & gears not to grind Pierre.. Those are such funny links but it really does hammer home the point. I remember my Celeron 2 in
  12. Hi Kenbro, I'll try to go for one good gpu, mainly as I am not that versed in PC hardware and it seems simplest, you know less moving parts and all also probably cheaper.. I think PC parts are more exy here in Australia..
  13. Heya Peggy!!! Oh thank you! So helpful.. I have been so struggling with where to spend what.. and you've nailed a few huge questions I had. Especially the power box as it is so drummed in most tech forums that it wasteful to have over 700 watts or so.. And yes, another thing that has had me so worried is the heat. That parts can handle such high temps is very soothing to know. I will take your advice and pile in fans. The 10 years of use I am letting go of. Maybe too, I won't have to spend all my savings. I will go now and look at older builds and see how they have lasted.. Thanks agai
  14. Oh I read those I love them. With some of the mainland, I think of JG Ballard's Highrise, lol. With the hypnotic effect of SL I think of PK Dick's Days of Perky Pat
  15. Hi, ROB, Thanks for the answer, appreciated. Yes, so true. I've had my fair share of component fries, lol. Maybe I should aim for something more tangible such as one more upgrade to it possibly 2 giving me 5 or 6 years and spend less on these basic parts... It's a nightmare for me, so much money and so easy to mess up how I spend it.. The off the shelf PC's I've had over the past years are just appalling really, So I have to try! Thanks..
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