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  1. The hardest thing for new arrivals is trying to understand and master SL on their own, without help. It takes about 2 hours to teach a newbie the basics, explain SL, and take him/her on a quick tour of 4 interesting places, matched to the interests he/she may express. If we all resolved to give that time, even if only once a week, the new user experience would be totally transformed, and player retention would leap. I do it. Shouldn't you?
  2. Posts? Posts? You think this forum is a significant element in SL ? It isn't.
  3. I advise new people to avoid attempting any avatar customisation until at least their 10th visit. Learn the interface first, then explore and learn how huge and diverse SL is, then have some fun sailing, flying, ski-ing, dancing. Only then, when they see why SL is worth the effort, should they tackle the minefield of customising. Trying it first leads many to give up, and be lost to us forever.
  4. Pricey for whom? I haven't encountered a non-free event in years. And if you want to run a club without rewarding DJ's for their time, DJ yourself. You needn't even speak. I don't really recognise the SL you are describing.. I suggest you join the group Musicians United, and get deluged with notificatioins for the dozens of free events I see every day.
  5. You have a misunderstanding. No music is streamed through SL servers. All SL servers do is pass an internet link to your computer, allowing it to connect directly itself.
  6. Please don't publish your views on SL in a book. You seem to know nothing, and just be wallowing in paranoia.
  7. Don't fear that Sansar will replace SL. Look at its attendance figures: https://steamcharts.com/app/586110 Average attendance still static at about 20? While SL is around 30-40 THOUSAND ? Sansar is already dead, though refusing, for a little longer, to lie down. Forget it. The only fear is that the time and money wasted on it will damage LInden Labs viability. Maybe management has already accepted that Sansar is doomed, and that is why, thankfully, we see a sudden spurt of activity in enhancing SL.
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